Placido Domingo brings hope to Christchurch

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By Hamish Clark

Christchurch music lovers had a night to remember as Placido Domingo performed a special one-off charity concert for the city.

The opera star's sell-out raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the arts and lifted the city's spirits.

Fans arrived in their thousands, flocking to the concert of a life time.

"It's a super opportunity to hear one of the world class singers," said Julian Darby.

"I am really looking forward to it, it should be really great," said Ashley Watts. "I feel like the youngest person here."

The Prime Minister and Governor-General joined 8000 fans under one roof in the earthquake-prone city. The world-renowned tenor performed with Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins.

3 News was not allowed to film the actual concert, but can tell you is that Domingo received a standing ovation before he had even sung, and when he opened his mouth the sell-out crowd was absolutely mesmerised.

"It was the best concert I have ever been to, it was absolutely amazing," said Margaret Parry. "I couldn't believe it, it is hard to explain really."

"It was absolutely marvellous, well worth coming all the way from Auckland," said Paul Webster.

The one-off concert by the opera stars raised over $300,000 for the Christchurch arts hit in the quake.

"Tonight you made Christchurch come alive, made this city sparkle," said Prime Minister John Key.

"Iit was a magical evening and you gave this city hope and faith that not only will it be rebuilt, but that it is a great place to live."

"I hope very soon you see your city bright happy and reborn," said Domingo. "Thankyou very much."

Gifts of pounamu were given to the opera stars to take home as a memento of a night Christchurch will never forget.

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