Civil Defence Update Number 6

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Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker says that there is a real determination in our city not to let the events of the past 24 hours ruin Christmas. Our crews have worked overnight and will be working all today to restore services to the city.


“Our goal is that by the end of the day we will have made the necessary emergency repairs to our water, wastewater and roads by tonight.


“It has been a hellish year. I am determined to get as much as we can fixed by tonight so that our staff, apart from a skeleton team, can spend Christmas with their families,” Mr Parker says.


Earthquake count

There have been 36 earthquakes, ranging from 3.1 to 6.0, between 1.58pm 23 December and 12 noon 24 December 2011. Four have been 5.0 and over.



Neighbourhood Support staff have been working closely with Civil Defence staff to coordinate their 2,000 volunteers across the city to gather information from the badly affected areas.


Windsor School Welfare Centre is now closed and the two people who stated overnight have been re-housed.


Welfare teams have been door knocking in the east and have made contact with 300 householders as well as people in the street.


Anyone who is feeling distressed or overwhelmed by the aftershocks and needs extra help to cope with the situation can call the Canterbury Support Line on 0800 777 846 between 8am – 11pm seven days a week, including Christmas Day.


Those people who would like Christmas lunch are invited to the City Mission Christmas lunch at Christchurch East School – 311 Gloucester Street, 11.30am – 2.00pm. People are advised to arrive at 11.30am. 



People who have already been issued with chemical toilets in the east of the city, and who are having problems with their waste water should use their chemical toilets while the sewers are being cleared. If you need more chemicals phone the call centre (941 8999 / 0800 800 169) and we will get them delivered to your property.


If you don’t have a chemical toilet but you are having problems with flushing the toilet and waste water phone the call centre and a portable toilet will be delivered to you.






Kerbside collection

The Christchurch City Council’s kerbside collection will go ahead as usual with collection days next week, i.e. if your normal collection is Monday or Tuesday then we will be collecting Monday and Tuesday (even though they are holidays). 




Sumner has now had the water supply restored. You do not need to boil the water. As the water comes on it may be slightly discoloured. People are advised to gently run the tap for two minutes.


Repairs to water mains in several areas will result in water being cut off to some streets temporarily. In most cases water should be back on within a couple of hours. If you have no water after four hours phone the call centre: 941 8999 / 0800 800 1869.



Waste water and solid waste

The Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant is fully functional. There are waste water overflows into the Avon River and into the Styx. Please stay away from the rivers and estuaries.




About 30 homes were without power at 12 noon today. Any customers without power can contact Orion on 0800 363 9898. The power supply network in New Brighton and Bexley area remains fragile. Some power supply in the Bexley area is currently being provided by an emergency diesel generator.



Roading and road closures

Liquefaction and flooding is still causing problems in the east. Contractors are busy clearing roads and filling in potholes to assist with access and making roads safe.


Closed roads – Bower Avenue (Beach Road to Broadhaven Avenue), Atlantis Street, Waygreen Avenue, Wattle Drive (Travis Road to Sandy Avenue), St Davids Street, Gloucester Street (Montreal to Durham streets) and Fitzgerald Avenue restrictions close to Chester Street (east).




A block of flats at 136 Salisbury Street has been issued a 124 notice prohibiting entry due to damage to the stairwell. Residents have been evacuated.


If you are worried about the safety of your home evacuate the building and contact a building professional as soon as you are able.


Owners of commercial buildings are urged to engage a Chartered Professional (structural) Engineer to check their buildings before allowing people to occupy them.



Council buildings and facilities

All Council buildings have been closed and priority has been made for their inspection and structural evaluation.



Rock fall

Rock fall and cliff collapse has been successfully contained by temporary protection measures installed prior to the events of yesterday.


People are reminded to stay away from the Port Hills unless they live there, or need to be there.


Stop banks

There are ongoing repairs to stop banks. There is no immediate cause for concern around river flooding.



Student Army

To volunteer, or to ask for help with physical labour, go to!/StudentVolunteerArmy  .



Emergency Operation Centre status

EOC is closing down at 2pm today (Saturday). The Call Centre (941 8999 / 0800 800 169) will be operational over the public holidays.


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