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EQC Chief Executive Ian Simpson says home owners can be assured that Earthquake Commission (EQC) field workers are vetted before they are deployed to assess houses for natural disaster damage.

“EQC needed to get a large workforce on the ground quickly post the September 2010 Canterbury earthquake and sourced contractors from trade organisations or providers with long-standing involvement with EQC.

“Post the February earthquake in Canterbury all staff and contractors were required to sign a declaration that covered off issues such as criminal convictions and Police checks were introduced for all staff and contractors.

“More than 2000 people would have been deployed in Canterbury since September 2010 with EQC having to scale up in a very short space of time. The best of these workers have been kept for ongoing work.

 “The nature of our work means that personal integrity is an important quality in the people we have interacting with our customers in their homes.”

EQC is not commenting further on the specifics of the two field staff who have been arrested on class A drug charges because they are now before the courts.

However, it is implementing an audit of all the EQC-related activity the two individuals were involved with.

“We want to ensure that there was no opportunity for these individuals to have acted dishonestly or inappropriately while carrying out work for EQC.”


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