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EQC has completed its assessment programme for residential houses in Canterbury.  During the past 15 months we have assessed a total of 447,943 properties. 

This consists of:

  • 81,775 full inspections before 22 February 2011
  • 182,838 rapid assessments post 22 February 2011
  • 196,468 full assessments post 22 February
  • A total of 461,081 inspections

EQC General Manager of Customer Services, Bruce Emson said Canterbury’s multiple earthquakes has created a unique situation for EQC and the insurance industry.  “The series of ‘multiple events’ complicated both our assessment programme, and the way we apportion costs across claims.  In most cases this has meant multiple visits to houses from our teams.  We know that this has been frustrating for some of our customers, and at times confusing.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Christchurch and Canterbury for their patience and for the welcome that they have extended to our teams as they have gone about their task in their homes.

“The overwhelming feedback from our teams in the field has been of positive experiences and friendly people as they have carried out their assessments. 

“I would also like to thank our assessment teams for their professionalism and hard work. Without their efforts Canterbury would not be in such a strong position to move fully into the substantive repair phase.”

The new-year will herald the largest residential building project ever undertaken in this country. Fletcher Earthquake Recovery (EQR) will manage almost 100,000 residential repairs through the Canterbury Home Repair Programme. 

Fletcher EQR are already well underway repairing homes around Canterbury. Around 7000 homes have had full repairs completed so far with another 16,000 repairs currently in progress.

Mr Emson said there may be some homeowners who have assessors have not been able to contact. He urges anyone who thinks that they have been missed to call 0800 DAMAGE to arrange an assessment of their property.


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