Complete Roundup Of Important Public Information For Christchurch

Posted 26 Feb 2011 by Swiggs Popular

This is a very long list of things I have found. I have decided to put it all here in one place. If there is anything more that has been missed please post it in the comments below.

HOTLINE A telephone number has been set up to deal with those people concerned about the whereabouts of friends and family. Callers to the line will be asked to provide details of those missing including the location the person was thought to be at the time of the earthquake. The number to contact is 0800 RED CROSS (0800 733 276) . The number for people overseas calling about loved ones is +64 7 850 2199. The government helpline is 0800 779 997 People who call the government helpline can get advice in 41 different languages. The Ethnic Affairs office has also sent out posters in a number of languages detailing key agencies to contact in emergencies. All Child Youth and Family clients can call 0508 FAMILY ( 0508 326 459 ) for assistance with concerns about a child or young person. 

The Christchurch CBD (between the four avenues) remains under restricted access at all times. A curfew is in effect from 6pm Friday to 6am Saturday.

FREE LPG GAS Contact has offered free LPG 9kg bottles at the following service station locations Challenge - 45 Halswell Road, Halswell Challenge - corner Milton and Selwyn Street, Christchurch Challenge Waimak - Main North Road, Kaiapoi Caltex - Blenheim Road, Riccarton Caltex - Lincoln Road, Addington Caltex - 66 Riccarton Rd, Riccarton Challenge - 11 Opawa Rd, Opawa Butler Automart - 261 Stanmore Road, Richmond Blighs Road Service Station - Corner Blighs and Idris Road, Papanui Rockgas North Canterbury, Kaiapoi Details also on

WELFARE CENTRES St John Ambulance, public health nurses and GPs are working together at welfare centres. Nurses are focusing on infection control, hand hygiene and isolating any cases of suspected gastroenteritis or measles. Centres are currently located at: Pioneer Recreation and Sports Centre Rangiora Baptist Church Burnside High School Rolleston Community Centre

  • An additional Welfare Centre opened at Windsor School at 7pm this evening (Saturday 26 February). The Windsor School Welfare Centre is located at 170 Burwood Road and will sleep up to 80 people a night. This new centre is being set up to cater for people in the eastern suburbs of the city. It has running water and toilets.

The Cowles Stadium welfare centre was closed on Friday afternoon because of health concerns. Of the 170 people who stayed at the centre on Thursday night, 60 were relocated to Rangiora and the remaining 110 were able to find accommodation independently. The reason for the transfer to Rangiora was to protect the health and well-being of people staying there as the water and sewerage services were not considered reliable. Cowles Stadium will still be available as an information centre during the day. Residents are encouraged to go the Rolleston and Rangiora centres where possible. The centres do not need any more donations of food, bedding or other goods as they are now fully stocked. However people should still bring their own personal medicine and sanitary products.


People are asked to use the government helpline 0800 779 997 rather than travel to WINZ centres. A business hours drop-in centre has been set up at the Kaiapoi Community Centre Earthquake Hub in Sewell Street Kaiapoi.

WATER SUPPLIES As of Saturday, 50% of Christchurch had basic mains water supply. The army has a desalination plant operating for Lyttelton and New Brighton. If you have mains water supply you can flush your toilet but if there are any signs of blockage or overflow stop flushing - this may be an indication of damaged pipes. Water will be available from schools/parks today (Friday). Residents must take their own containers, and remember to boil all water before use. School              Address St Albans         Cranford/English Park: 9am to 9.30am and 2pm to 2.30pm Richmond        Alexandra/Pavitt 11am to 11.30am and 4pm to 4.30pm Hammersley     Quinns Road 9am to 9.30am and 2pm to 2.30pm Banks Avenue  Banks Avenue 11am to 11.30am and 4pm to 4.30pm Marihau           Innes/Mahars 9am to 9.30am and 2pm to 2.30pm Burwood         New Brighton 11am to 11.30am and 4pm to 4.30pm Queenspark     Queenspark Ave ALL DAY Nth New Brighton Leaver Tce 11am to 11.30am and 4pm to 4.30pm Waimairi       Tilman/Blighs 9am to 9.30am and 2pm to 2.30pm Wharenui      Matipo St 11am to 11.30am and 4pm to 4.30pm West Spreydon Lyttelton St 9am to 9.30am and 2pm to 2.30pm Somerfield        Somerfield St 11am to 11.30am and 4pm to 4.30pm Pioneer Stadium ALL DAY Cowles Stadium ALL DAY Redcliffs ALL DAY Shirley Primary ALL DAY Parklands Mall ALL DAY Diamond Harbour First School ALL DAY Governor's Bay Fire Station ALL DAY Lyttelton Main School ALL DAY Lyttelton Port ALL DAY New Brighton ALL DAY Brooklands ALL DAY Mansfield Hospital ALL DAY Shirley Intermediate ALL DAY Disraeli Reserve ALL DAY Heaton Intermediate ALL DAY Manning Intermediate ALL DAY Cashmere Hackthorne ALL DAY Beckenham Norwood ALL DAY St Martins Albert/Roscoe ALL DAY Woolston Ferry/Hopkins ALL DAY Sumner Hardwick/Colenso ALL DAY Bromley Kawau ALL DAY Mt Pleasant Hornbrook ALL DAY North Linwood Woodham ALL DAY Water is available at the following Welfare Centres:: - Burnside High School - Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre - Cowles Stadium - Rangiora Baptist Church

WATER ADVICE Residents are reminded to bring water to the boil before using. This includes water taken from tankers. If residents are unable to boil water, add one tsp of bleach to ten litres of water and leave for thirty minutes before use. If residents are unable to boil water, add one teaspoon of bleach to ten litres of water and leave for thirty minutes before use. If water is available and there are no sewage flows, residents can use water sparingly to flush toilets but should avoid taking showers or baths. If it rains, people should collect water in buckets. If water is not available, residents can dig latrines or use buckets. All water, from a tap or a tanker, should be boiled for one minute before drinking, brushing teeth or washing/preparing food. -Water being boiled in a pot should be boiled for one minute -Water being boiled in a kettle should be brought to the boil twice. Councils will be testing water supplies intensively and will advise when the water is safe to use without boiling. Even though water may look clear, it should be treated as contaminated and unsafe to drink because of damaged underground water and sewage pipes. Do not use river water for drinking or washing. Public Health leaflets and hand-sanitisers are being distributed at water tanker depots and welfare centres in an effort to minimise the risk of gastroenteritis (vomiting and diarrhoea). Health officials say washing hands and boiling water are two of the most important things people must remember to do.

LAUNDRY Fisher & Paykel has set up community laundries in selected locations across affected areas offering free washing and drying facilities. Fisher & Paykel Warehouse, 79 Shands Road, Hornby. Corner Berswick & Charles Street, Kaiapoi. For further information call Fisher & Paykel on 03 344 4622

. PORTALOOS There are 780 portaloos around the city as of Friday night. There are another 250 in transit and a further 963 are going to be brought in from the United States 5000 chemical toilets will be provided for use in houses, in conjunction with the portaloos

OPERATION SUBURB - One hundred teams headed out from 9am Friday to door-knock in the most affected areas. - The teams are doing house assessments and if they have a concern they call in a structural engineer. The engineers make a decision about whether the house requires a red sticker. - Council said on Friday night that progress has been slow due the sheer number of people that need to be spoken with. - 96 red stickers have been issued so far in Christchurch, as well as 90 in Lyttelton - The suburbs to be visited are: Brighton, Dallington, Avonside, Parklands/Queen's Park, Sumner/Redcliffs, St Martins/Opawa, Lyttelton and Bays, Woolston/Ferrymead, Hoonhay, Richmond/St Albans, Fendalton / Merivale, and Aranui / Bromley. - These teams will carry official identification. Operation Shop finished on Friday and red-stickered 10 commercial premises.

TRIAGE CENTRES Triage centres have been established for people with injuries at: - Latimer Square, Central City - Spotlight Mall, Sydenham - Sanitarium Factory, Papanui - Bealey Avenue 24 hour medical centre - Princess Margaret Hospital - Christchurch Hospital Police advise that people who have evacuated their homes or buildings should report to their nearest Civil Defence sector post - usually schools.

SUPERMARKETS Supermarkets around Christchurch are stocked and there is enough food. There is no need to stockpile food as supplies continue to come into the city.

CHRISTCHURCH SCHOOLS CLOSED Schools in Selwyn and Waimakariri are cleared to open from Monday if boards are satisfied they are safe and staff are available. Christchurch City schools and early childhood education centres remain closed until further notice. Education Minister Anne Tolley says Ministry of Education assessors are working their way around schools to determine how safe they are and the extent of the damage, but it's already clear that many have been badly affected. She says while it's too early to give an overall assessment, they know there has been significant damage to Christchurch Girls High, Avonside Girls High, Shirley Boys High, Manning Intermediate, Mount Pleasant Primary, and Van Asch Deaf Education Centre. Schools in and around the cordoned-off CBD area are also likely to be seriously damaged. They are Hagley Community College, Discovery Primary, Unlimited Secondary, Catholic Cathedral College and St Paul's, Christchurch East Primary, Southern Regional Health School, St Mary's School, St Michael's, Christ College and Cathedral Grammar School. The Ministry is currently working on alternative arrangements for students who won't initially be able to return to their schools, and more information will be made available in due course. Schools in Selwyn and Waimakariri could open for staff on Friday if buildings met health and safety requirements and if staff members were available, given the personal challenges some will be facing. Boards can then decide to open for students from Monday, if they are satisfied they are providing a safe environment and if communities are happy for them to do so. The Ministry has a helpline for schools and ECE staff wanting further information - 0800 225 580, and the Ministry website is regularly updated. The Ministry's traumatic incident service can be contacted on 0800 848 326.

RUBBISH COLLECTION The council normal service for kerbside collections will continue today - Friday 25 February. For next week only: (starting Monday 28 February) -The kerbside collection will be for red rubbish and green organics bins and will be a rubbish only collection. -We are expecting that many residents will have perishable food stuffs from freezers and fridges that will require speedy disposal. -For those without power, you can put your compromised frozen food into either bin. -A single truck will collect both bins so there will not be a separate rubbish and organics collection. -There will be no recycling collection anywhere in the city next week as these items are clean and storable, and we recommend you store your dry recycling packaging until recycling collection starts again the following week - Monday 7 March. Monday 7 March: normal collection will resume Reminder - NO human waste is to be placed in your organics bin. Please bury this in your garden.

ELECTRICITY 80% of customers now have power in Christchurch. The main areas without supply are the CBD, Brighton, Dallington and Sumner. The strategy remains to work from west to east. Top priorities on Friday include progressing work for a 66kV overhead line to supply Brighton substation from the Transpower Bromley substation. Orion anticipate it could take at least some weeks to restore power to the estimated 50,000 customers in Sumner, Brighton and Dallington and surrounding areas. Bromley sewage pumping station has restored supply but the service is fragile.

Important messages for consumers: There are still small pockets throughout the city which do not have power. Orion says it is working to restore power as quickly as possible and please be patient. Please do not call the Orion Call Centre unless the matter is very urgent. Orion is aware of all areas without power and is doing its best to restore service. If you are leaving your home for some time, turn the power off at the main before you leave. Stay well clear of any lines on the ground.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS Telecom Overall the Telecom network is up and working, all Telecom exchanges are operational with a combination of mains and generated power, as are the majority of mobile sites. Telecom recommends people in Christchurch continue to minimise the use of mobile phones, and use text messages instead of calls when possible to free up the network for emergency response workers. However, as the network is now predominantly up and stable people should use their phones for important calls. 260 payphones and 3 wifi hotspots at Telecom Riccarton Mall, Cafe Zero (Cashmere Rd), and the Westpac Centre (Addington) continue to be available for people in Christchurch to use for free. Telecom customers in Christchurch can have their landline number diverted to another number for free. To do this, residential customers can call us on 120 and business customers can call us on 125.

Telecom advice for Christchurch people - Change your voicemail message to let callers know the time, date and their location and, if possible, alternate contact details to provide some reassurance should mobile phone batteries go flat given the difficulties with power supply. - Where possible, use corded landline phones that plug directly into the wall as these do not require power. - Customers with friends or family with a prepaid Telecom mobile can call 0800 32 32 32 and top up their prepaid credit on their behalf. More than 3,000 analogue landline phones have been collected and being made ready for distribution. Phones are being donated all over the country to be distributed to people in Christchurch. These corded analogue phones plug straight into a jack-point and don't require mains power. People are asked to drop spare analogue phones in to any Telecom store during retail opening hours. Network company Chorus has asked Canterbury residents who are experiencing disruption to their landline or broadband service, to contact the company that provides their internet and phone services directly to log a fault. This will help to ascertain the impact of non-core network damage, enabling Chorus to restore service as quickly as possible.

Vodafone The Vodafone network remains in a relatively strong position, with all but 17 sites operational. Coverage is in place for most of the city with only a few black spots in the east. This is achieved through network management, optimization* and the deployment of COWS (cell sites on wheels). Vodafone's  mobile store truck, Optimus Prime, is located outside Hornby Mall and is offering customers a support facility, the ability to recharge their phones, top up and purchase prepay vouchers, obtain customer service information. It is also providing free WiFi access and 10 phones for members of the public to make free calls. Christchurch customers can text 3166 to have their Vodafone landline number diverted to their Vodafone mobile. The service is free for 30 days.

2degrees Significant progress in restoring mobile services on the 2degrees Christchurch network means customers there can now use their mobile phones. Generators and battery backup is supporting all cell sites, although aftershocks and fluctuations in power supply mean coverage may vary, especially in the CBD. The earthquake means the 2degrees network has experienced heavier than normal traffic, so if customers experience congestion they should keep trying.

BANKS Banking services in Christchurch have been severely affected by the earthquake, with many branches closed and a large number of ATM machines damaged. Click on the links below for the latest information from the banks themselves or click here for a map showing available services. Some  BNZ banks in Christchurch opened on Friday and BNZ ATMs are available in some suburban areas. The National Bank says all its branches in the affected areas are closed until further notice.  It says it is working to ensure that full services are restored as quickly as possible. ANZ says all its branches, business centres and corporate offices in the affected areas are closed until further notice. The National Bank  and ANZ have listed ATMs which to their knowledge are operating but say they can't be sure they are in areas that are safe or haven't cordoned off by authorities. Kiwibank says some PostShops are open and trading in Christchurch but all other stores in the city remain closed. Westpac has a few branches open in Christchurch suburbs, but most are closed. A number of ATMs are still operational. The ASB Hornby Branch is open from 10am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday, offering essential services to ASB customers. All other Christchurch branches are being assessed but remain closed until further notice. Some ATMs are available in the suburbs.

HOSPITALS AND MEDICAL CENTRES Canterbury District Health Board update An Australian Army field community medical centre has been set up at Cowles Stadium to operate from Saturday. The 75-bed facility will be staffed by Australian clinicians including emergency department doctors, nurses, general surgery staff, orthopaedic staff, general trauma, anaesthetists and support staff. It will operate as a Primary Health Centre to support General Practices in the eastern suburbs who are having difficulty delivering health services. The centre will provide free primary care until Sunday night along with other GP Clinics in Christchurch. The centre will have capacity to manage expected outbreaks of gastroenteritis in the eastern suburbs and a mobile community dental clinic will be operational from Monday. The Community Health Centre is located in Pages Road and will be open 7 days 8am - 8 pm. All orthopaedic fracture follow-up clinics at Christchurch Hospital are continuing as normally scheduled. Patients with elective outpatient clinic appointments for non acute problems will be contacted by CDHB. General Practitioners will continue to refer patients for specialist assessment on the basis of clinical need, recognising CDHB's limited resources. Paediatric clinics are closed for the rest of the week. Community Oncology - there will be no appointments for chemotherapy and radiotherapy until Monday unless patients are individually contacted earlier. All patients will be contacted in due course. All elective surgery (public and private) in Christchurch is postponed until Monday March 7 a the earliest. Alternative arrangements are being made for non-deferrable surgery.

If you need to see a doctor Phone your own GP first - if they're not open a nurse will answer the call and direct you to the nearest GP practice that's open If the phones are not working, visit your nearest after hours medical centre. The Pegasus 24 hour medical centre in Bealey Avenue is open tonight and the after hours clinics at Moorhouse Medical Centre and the Riccarton Clinic are open from 8am and 8pm. About 60% of medical centres are operating, considerably down on the September 4, 2010 quake when 90% of practices were open from day one.

Diabetes As of today, the Diabetes Centre is closed until further notice. The CDHB diabetes team are offering a semi-acute service for people who cannot access their GP and have unstable diabetes or other serious diabetes-related issues requiring further advice or assessment. Patients who are unable to access their GP can phone 364 0640 to be put in touch with a diabetes triage nurse who is available 8am to 5pm only. If outside these hours contact the Bealey Ave 24 hour medical centre.

Healthline Healthline provides health advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Phone 0800 611 116. Calls are answered by a registered nurse. Healthline uses language line and can access translators in many languages. Healthline can also transfer callers to mental health professionals for advice and support.

Christchurch Hospital is operational Structural engineers are constantly checking the hospital facilities for further damage. This work is ongoing. As well as damage from the earthquake, there is internal damage from leaking water sprinklers. Hagley Hostel and the Diabetes Centre have now been closed. Maternity services are busy, as is the neonatal intensive care unit. Some babies will be transferred to other units around the country. Pregnant women who have antenatal appointments should still come in to their clinic appointments at Christchurch Women's Hospital. Orthopaedics and Cardiology services also remain busy. The emergency department is steady at the moment and managing the workload very well. Hospitals around the country are on standby to assist and some patients have been moved. Christchurch women's hospital is open and receiving patients. Lyndhurst Centre is closed until Monday and women with appointments will be contacted by a staff member. Rangiora and Lincoln birthing units are open. Relatives looking for injured family members at Christchurch Hospital should go to the Great Escape Cafe in the main foyer of Christchurch Hospital where a relative centre has been set up and there are social workers and police available. To report missing people, contact Red Cross 0800 733 276. 

Coping strategies on stress and anxiety The Ministry of Health has created a series of fact sheets with advice and coping strategies for people experiencing stress or anxiety in the wake of this week's tragedy. These can be found on the Ministry's website under the banner headline Christchurch Earthquake.

Rest home residents being relocated More rest home residents were relocated on Thursday. Some rest home residents have gone home with family members or friends and it is very important that they make contact and stay in contact with their family general practice to ensure the medical needs of their elderly relative are being met. Many rest homes need logistical help especially with practical things like, water and laundry. Respite care capacity is significantly limited and access is via GP referral only. Nelson and Marlborough have run out of accommodation for the care of the elderly.

Free GP care  is extended until Sunday Canterbury residents with urgent medical needs can visit a GP free of charge until Sunday.

Prescriptions fees waived until Sunday Patients will not pay the $3 co-payment or any other part-charges or premiums on their prescriptions until the end of Sunday. If you are a methadone patient and your usual pharmacy is closed, phone the Community Alcohol and Drug Service (CADS) on 335 4350 and they will direct you to the nearest pharmacy. Canterbury DHB says meals on wheels are not available for the rest of the week. If you have elderly neighbours or people who live alone, please check on them and help out if you can with meals and support.

ACCOMMODATION Housing New Zealand will provide a temporary accommodation service to people displaced by the earthquake. Housing New Zealand will collate and co-ordinate offers of accommodation from around the country  and work directly with the people of Canterbury to match them to the most appropriate accommodation available for them, says Housing Minister Phil Heatley. In order to do this quickly Housing NZ is using a HELP line and website to provide a matching service for those offering and those requiring accommodation. If you have accommodation you can offer, or you are looking for help with accommodation following the earthquake, please contact 0800 HELP 00 (0800 435 700) or or go to one of the welfare centres that are being established in Christchurch. Housing New Zealand has staff in these centres who are available to help you. Housing New Zealand will be contacting agencies and businesses to collate and co-ordinate the offers they have received on behalf of the civil defence effort. Alternatively, they can contact Housing NZ through 0800 HELP 00. A Facebook group has been set up to match people up with accommodation. Auckland Mayor Len Brown is asking Aucklanders to offer to provide accommodation for Cantabrians by calling 0800 AUCKLAND (0800 2825 5263). Federated Farmers has set up a special hotline for members of the rural community who have spare rooms to offer displaced quake victims, emergency service workers and others in need of accommodation. The number is 0800 farming (0800 327 646). more accommodation options are available on this Housing New Zealand post and this post for offers of temporary accommodation

AIRPORT Christchurch Airport is now open for domestic and international travel. Air New Zealand is continuing to add further capacity into and out of Christchurch to meet high demand, especially for people wishing to leave Christchurch. Over the weekend Air New Zealand is operating additional services to and from Christchurch in addition to its regular flight schedule. Special domestic $50 standby airfares Air New Zealand is introducing special domestic standby $50 one way airfares on direct services to/from Christchurch. The special standby fares are available for sale from Friday for travel from Monday February 28  through until midnight Sunday March 6. Reduction in pricing of standard airfares In addition to the $50 standby airfares, Air New Zealand is adjusting the pricing of its domestic Christchurch airfares, ensuring that Smart Saver airfares are available on all direct flights to and from Christchurch for travel through to midnight Sunday March 6. For example fares on all flights Christchurch - Auckland will be available for between $69 - $149, and Christchurch - Wellington for between $59 - $129. Compassionate international fares will continue to be available. Air New Zealand has also been offering ticketing flexibility since Tuesday on all fare types for those due to travel to and from Christchurch, who had booked prior to Tuesday February 22 . Full details are available on the airline's website. Air New Zealand strongly encourages customers who have bookings on flights to and from Christchurch which they no longer require to cancel their bookings so that other customers can make use of the seats. Jetstar has recommenced its scheduled domestic and international operations to and from Christchurch Airport and is also operating additional domestic and trans-Tasman flights to and from Christchurch. For affected customers and those undertaking near travel to and from Christchurch, Jetstar is offering full flexibility in travel including refunds, re-routing or changes to travel dates/times for no fee until Friday February 25. Travel must be taken prior to April 11. Free wireless internet use and free car parking continues to be offered to travellers. A free shuttle is taking stranded passengers to the Burnside welfare centre half hourly from the Red Bus stop outside the international arrivals terminal. For people travelling internationally who have misplaced or lost their passport: - Australian passport holders or Australian Permanent Residents must report to the Australian High Commissioner's Desk at the Christchurch Airport International Arrivals Hall before checking in for their flight - Other foreign passport holders should report to the Burnside High School Welfare Centre where they can register with the Red Cross before going to the airport. The Red Cross will put them in contact with the appropriate embassy. For updates go to the Christchurch Airport website .

IMMIGRATION AND VISAS Immigration New Zealand is issuing automatic six month visa extensions for any foreign national whose work, visitor or student visa application cannot be processed because of the earthquake. Immigration New Zealand's central Christchurch office in the Crystal Plaza building is unable to be accessed for safety reasons. Two thousand temporary visa applications are in that office. Any foreign national who is here legally and whose application is caught up in the Christchurch office will have a six month visa extension issued. Any foreign national whose travel plans have been disrupted by the earthquake will similarly be granted a visa extension to allow them to remain legally in New Zealand for the reasonable duration of their visit. Immigration NZ staff in Wellington are accessing the relevant files via the Immigration NZ computer system to issue the visas. ROADS - latest information on road and bridges is here. Congestion on Christchurch streets is slowing emergency response time and supplies. Please stay off the streets and if you have to travel, keep your journey short. Lyttelton The Lyttelton tunnel is now open to residents and emergency services. The tunnel was closed immediately following Tuesday's earthquake, as rockfalls caused significant damage to the tunnel canopy and to the tunnel control building. Evans Pass to Lyttelton is closed. While alternate access to Lyttelton is available for private vehicles via the Dyers Rd pass, the NZTA is urging people to avoid all non-essential travel in order to keep the roads clear for emergency services.

Major roads - as at Friday 4am All state highways and state highway bridge structures in and around the city have been inspected, and while some have sustained minor damage all of the bridge structures are safe, and all other state highways in the region are open except SH 74, closed from Frosts Road to Lyttelton Harbour. NZTA urged motorists to abide by temporary speed restrictions in place on many parts of the network. The rail link betweeen Picton and Christchurch is open. In Christchurch the following roads are closed - as at Friday 4am: - Colombo Street between Brougham Street and Moorhouse Avenue - Moorhouse Avenue eastbound between Fitzgerald Avenue and Ferry Road - Fitzgerald Avenue is closed near the river between Kilmore Street and Bealey Avenue - Access eastwards of the city is via QEII Drive, Wainoni Road and Pages Road. The worst liquefaction and silt build-up is east of the city and silt removal has started on selected roads. Main Road at Clifton Bay - expect delays while work is carried out Wainoni Road is experiencing traffic congestion. It is strongly advised the public source alternative routes so that crews can complete repair work. Chaneys Road Northern Motorway on ramp is low open one lane Pedestrians and cyclists have use of the central portion of Ferrymead Bridge. It is now also open to light vehicles less than 3500kg. The only access for heavy vehicles into Sumner is via the Port Hills Road and Bridal Path Road. Bridges - as at Friday 9:30pm. All bridges to the Eastern suburbs are open except ANZAC Drive, Bassett Street (end of Avondale Road) and Bridge Street Ferrymead Bridge is open for light traffic. Please only drive if absolutely necessary. The cordons around the central city remain in place. For information about all roads, and which are open and closed go to the NZTA site or the AA Roadwatch site.

BUSINESSES Businesses and building owners in the central CBD area are still advised to stay away. However, the City Council says building engineers will be beginning to assess damaged buildings to placard them red, yellow and green in the next few days. For a full comprehensive update on your business in the CBD follow this link

CASH GRANTS Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker has said this morning that emergency money will be made available for victims of the 6.3 magnitude quake in Christchurch. More information will be available at a later date.

PETROL AND GAS Council says fuel companies are now maintaining constant supply and drivers are advised not to panic buy. See the Canterbury Earthquake website for a full list of locations . BP Oil NZ has had every available truck in its fleet working to bring fuel into Christchurch throughout Friday, and more service stations have re-opened following Tuesday's earthquake. BP NZ said there was plenty of fuel in the region. There has been strong demand for fuel in the area and it going to take some time to replenish stocks. There may continue to be short-term stock-outs at some sites for the next few days as BP works to catch up to demand. BP re-opened its Lyttelton oil terminal on Thursday, providing an important local supply. And fuel delivered into Timaru port yesterday would continue to be trucked into the city throughout the weekend. The following BP stores have reopened and are trading (subject to change): BP 2go West Melton, BP Connect Rolleston, BP Connect Bush Inn, BP Connect Edgeware, BP Marshlands. BP Westburn, BP2go Ashburton, BP 2go Kaikoura. BP Papanui - diesel only. Woodend Service Station - diesel only. BP 2go West Melton, BP 2go Halswell , BP 2go Sockburn and Sawyers Arms BP - only open to Emergency Services. BP Connect Fendalton, BP Connect Hoon Hay - open but awaiting fuel delivery. The following BP Truckstops are open: Sockburn Truckstop Ashburton Truckstop Kaikoura Truckstop Caltex truck fuel stops Caltex fuel stops are all open, except Hornby which has sustained some damage. Caltex Avonhead, 202 Withells Road, Avonhead Caltex Cranford Street, 500 Cranford Street, Papanui Caltex Lincoln Road, 55 Lincoln Road, Spreydon Closed due to tank damage: Caltex Riccarton, 64-66 Riccarton Road, Riccarton Caltex Dyers Road, 241 Dyers Road, Bromley FIRE SERVICE Normal fire service emergency coverage is up and running in all suburbs including those worst affected on the eastern side of the city. Please check that any LPG cylinders are upright and secure before operating. Any gas-operated heating needs to be checked by a qualified person before being operated. If your power has been disconnected, make sure you turn off any electrical appliances to avoid safety issues when power is restored. Make sure your smoke alarms are working. If they are not working or you don't have one, you can contact your local fire station (not the emergency 111 number) and they may be able to supply you with you. POLICE

  • 145 people have now been confirmed dead. That number is expected to increase.
  • The disaster victim identification process is thorough and time-consuming. To date six names have been released
  • The number of missing people for whom there is serious concern is still more than 200
  • Australian police colleagues are now out there with our teams, helping on cordons and providing reassurance around the community.
  • Please stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary.
  • There’s a very real risk of danger to people in the inner city. It is a highly unstable and constantly changing environment.
  • Inner city residents, who have access to their homes, are asked to limit their movements – because until engineers have given the all-clear there’s no certainty of safety.
  • A further briefing for families was held today to keep them informed of progress in the operation.

DEFENCE FORCE There are more than 1400 New Zealand Defence Force personnel deployed in Christchurch. NZ Army personnel and their Singapore Armed Forces counterparts are continuing to provide the 24/7 cordon around the central city, with security patrols also in place in the suburbs of Bexley and Waltham. Navy personnel are providing security patrols in the Lyttelton town centre. The HMNZS CANTERBURY will be heading to Wellington on Sunday and will return to Lyttelton on Monday with aid supplies including water, 20 plus vehicles, fuel tanker, fire appliances, telecom vans, engineer bridging and general materials HMNZS OTAGO and HMNZS PUKAKI, will continue to provide assistance to the people of Lyttleton.

The Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) has now moved 1542 passengers in and out of Christchurch, and 121,000 tonnes of freight has been facilitated by the RNZAF into Christchurch in the last 24 hours.  Many thousands more tonnes of freight from international military aircraft have also been unloaded and moved into the city. INSURANCE AA Insurance has reassured Christchurch residents that thefts from unsecured homes following the quake will be covered by insurance. People should secure their homes if they could, AA Insurance said. PLUNKET Plunket services in the region are cancelled until further notice. PlunketLine continues on 0800 933 922. If your baby is unwell call HealthLine on 0800 611116. COUNCIL ADVICE The Christchurch City Council website. Dunedin City Council is also providing information. Quake appeals have been launched - find out more here

CIVIL DEFENCE ADVICE - Expect aftershocks - Each time an aftershock is felt, drop, cover, and hold on. - Check yourself first for injuries and get first aid if necessary before helping injured or trapped persons. - Assess your home or workplace for damage. If the building appears unsafe get everyone out. - Use the stairs, not an elevator and when outside, watch out for fallen power lines or broken gas lines. - Stay out of damaged areas. Look for and extinguish small fires if it is safe to do so. - Fire is a significant hazard following earthquakes. - Listen to the radio for updated emergency information and instructions. - Do not overload phone lines with non-emergency calls. - Help people who require special assistance - infants, elderly people, those without transportation, families who may need additional help, people with disabilities, and the people who care for them. Detailed safety advice will come from local authorities and emergency services in the area. People should act on it promptly. The Ministry says local civil defence authorities and scientific advisors are closely monitoring the situation. POST New Zealand Post says its delivery services will be up and running in a limited form from Tuesday. Courier services in parts of the quake-affected areas were also set to resume next week as well. ANIMALS - SPCA SPCA emergency contacts For all emergencies between 9am and 4pm, phone 03 349 7057 ext 201 or 205. For all emergencies outside the animal centre's operating hours, please call 03 366 3886. After hours veterinary clinic has temporarily relocated to: Hornby Vet Centre, 7 Tower Street, Hornby Ph: 03 366 1052


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