Februarys Christchurch Earthquake Facts

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wwThe latest updates that are available. The figures of deaths and missing people will change.

For the technical details of this Earthquake go to this page http://rebuildchristchurch.co.nz/februarys-6-3-christchurch-earthquake-explained

these facts are correct to the date of publishing, final figures may vary

* The earthquake was 6.3 magnitude, centred at Lyttelton 10km south of the Christchurch city centre, at a depth of 5km. It struck at 12.51pm on Tuesday.

* 147 people are dead * 238 people are thought to still be missing

* 120 people are thought to be inside the CTV building on Madras St

* Ann Bodkin was the last person rescued, from the Pyne Gould Corporation (PGC) building, at 2.25pm Wednesday

* 20 people are feared trapped inside ChristChurch Cathedral

* 29 people have been rescued from the Pyne Gould Corporation (PGC) building, with 14 PGC staff unaccounted for

* More than 400 international rescue workers from Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, the US and the UK are to search for survivors

* New Zealand Defence Force has 1118 personnel working in Christchurch and Lyttelton; 738 Army, 200 Navy, and 150 airforce

* 80 per cent of the city is without water supply

* 40 per cent of the city has no power supply * Orion expects 75 per cent of homes will have power supply by tonight

* 220 people treated with major trauma injuries at Christchurch Hospital on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning

* 20 people are in intensive care as of Wednesday night

* 431 patients have been treated at triage centres

* 164 people were admitted to Christchurch Hospital in the first 24 hours after the quake, many with head and neck, spinal and crushing injuries

* 16 patients at triage centres had suffered serious injuries

* 1500-2000 people have been treated for minor injuries at medical centres around the city

* 80 residents from two residential care facilities have been relocated to other sites around Christchurch. Canterbury District Health Board says up to 200 residents could be relocated.

* St John have 40 ambulances working in Christchurch, with 20 support cars, 20 aircraft and 117 staff

* Red Cross has 130 staff working in Christchurch

* Fonterra has supplied 34 tankers with 20,000 litre capacities to distribute water at sites across Christchurch

* Air New Zealand has offered 1600 extra seats on flights in and out of Christchurch

* More than 1400 offers of accommodation for quake-stricken Cantabrians have been offered on www.quakeescape.org.nz.

* $5 million has been donated by the Australian Government for earthquake recovery

* About 100 Auckland council staff are in Christchurch helping with earthquake relief.  The council is to donate $1.5 million and ongoing support from staff to help with the recovery.

* 30 per cent of GPs in the Christchurch area are open, Canterbury District Health Board is anticipating that 60 per cent will be open in the near future

* Six triage centres, including Latimer Square; Sanitarium Factory, Papanui; Spotlight Mall, Beckenham; Bealey Ave 24-hour medical centre; Princess Margaret Hospital; Christchurch Hospital (urgent only)


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