CBD Cordon Map and FAQ For Entry Into CBD

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Update from May 27th

cordon-reduction-map-27-may-2011.jpgThe Central City cordon will be reduced on Sunday 6 March 2011. An Enhanced Access Plan has been developed to gradually open the outer areas of the Central City cordon for public access.

The Central City has been organised into four Green Zones on the outer edges of the existing cordon and one Red Zone in the very centre. From 2pm on Sunday 6 March, Green Zones 1 and 2 will be opened for public access and the cordoned will be reduced. Traffic management will be in place on city streets and drivers are advised to be patient if entering these areas. Click on the updated map right to make it larger


What streets can be accessed?

Refer to Cordon Reduction Map

When can these streets be accessed?

From 0800, Sunday 6 March 2011 business and building owners and residential property owners or tenants will be allowed controlled access to their premises within Green Zone 1 and 2.

How long can my building be accessed for?

At 1400 on Sunday 6 March 2011, the cordons for Green Zone 1 and 2 will be moved to allow access to the public.

How will I prove that it is my building or property?

You will be asked for identification of proof of ownership or occupancy. This could be a business card or rates demand. For building owners there will be access to the Council’s rateable data which will proof ownership of property. You must also supply personal identification e.g. driver’s licence, passport etc.

I’m nervous about entering my red, yellow, or green stickered building. Will someone accompany me i.e. an engineer?

Engineers will be available at the Information Centre to provide you with the detailed information about whether your building or property has a red, yellow, or green placard and what to do in the case of each different colour placard.

Can I drive my truck in to move my furniture to my new business or residential location?

Access to some streets will be on foot. Some buildings or houses may be accessed by a small car, but no trucks will be able to gain access to the sites as there is very limited turning space. Larger vehicles will have access once the cordon has been lifted.

Who will secure my building?

If you are unable to secure your building or house, provisions will be made to enable the basic security of your building or house prior to the road being opened to the public. City Care will jave crews on hand in Zones 1 and 2 to secure any entry point forced open by USAR.

How can I re-open my building to access it?

The process of securing individual buildings and properties will be different for each building or property, depending on the level of damage. With many buildings or properties, it will be a case of unlocking the door only, but in some cases you may need tools to remove boarding. If you need assistance, there will be teams of builders/ locksmiths available to assist you in re-opening your building or property.

How can I guarantee the security of my building or property?

A reasonable effort will be made to secure premises, but guarantees can not be given. What number do I call to get this information about locksmiths and builders.9417200.

What am I able to collect from my businesses?

Removal of small items and documentation. The main purpose of access is to ensure security if the building prior to removal of the outer cordon. Within Zone 1 and 2 all buildings can be accessed by owners/tenants. A plan to allow businesses to access their premises in Zones 3, 4 and the Red Zone is being developed and will soon be released to the public.

What will happen at the Information Centre?

You will have to show identification of proof of ownership or occupancy. Depending on the state of your building or house and what colour placard it has been given i.e. red, yellow and green, you may be allocated an engineer to accompany you into the building. You may be given information on how to find an engineer.

Can I bring my personal engineer with me?


What should I do when I get into the building i.e. should I turn off the power or the water etc?

Depends, but this is advisable until further entry is permitted.

How will they know if I can enter my building so I do not waste a trip i.e. if the building or house is inaccessible?

This will be determined at the Information Centre.

Whose responsibility is it to secure the property – the owner or the tenant?

The owner has the overall responsibility.

If I have a green placard can I return to work at the building?

Yes, full access to green placard buildings will be allowed.

My car is parked near my building, can I drive it out?


Key messages:

• Pay attention to signs • Be patient • 30 km per hr speed limit • We have ramped up police reassurance patrols.

old cordon map


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