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Here is an update of our malls in Christchurch Following the 6.3 Earthquake last week. UPDATED APRIL 3

Eastgate Mall

The Urban Search and Rescue Team have been through Eastgate Shopping Centre and could confirm that the building was successfully evacuated following Tuesday’s earthquake, with all staff and customers avoiding serious injury. Structural Engineers have also been onsite to inspect the building and we are pleased to report that although the Centre has a major clean up ahead, 70% of the complex is structurally sound and will be re opening in the coming months. The last truck load of car park rubble is being removed from the site. McDonalds Restaurant is open and running as per normal. The carpark re-sealing is starting this week - This will take around four weeks. Wind lobbies at both Countdown and The Warehouse will be built and also a covered walkway between the two which leads back into the Centre/Foodcourt. Countdown is moving along at a fast rate, they should be open within six weeks, could be sooner. Countdown wants to be open as quickly as possible so they can service the everyday needs of our community and surrounding suburbs. The first of our stores to reopen will be MaxOut, Westpac and NZ Post. Their doors will open on April 11th. Subway will be opening on the 18th April. Work on The Warehouse is continuing and it shouldn't be too much longer before that too is open. We will be re-building the demolished areas of the carpark including shops from The Warehouse through to Michael Hill / Eastgate Pharmacy. The time frame for this is being worked on. With design work required and Consent from the Council  we may have many months of planning ahead of us. We will keep you updated as we move along this path.

The Palms Shopping Centre

The Palms has confirmed that they will begin a staged re-opening from June 30. Most of the damage was internal rather than structural and the repairs had mostly been cosmetic. Liquefaction in the carpark had come up through the bitumen, but was being cleared. The newest part of the mall - the wing containing the Reading movie theatre and arena - was the most badly damaged. Retailers had cleared shops of stock so that repairs could be completed. "There's alot to repair but it's held up very well.The main message we want to get across to people is that the mall is safe. People shouldn't be afraid to come back." The shopping centre will open in four phases. Phase one will start on June 30 with the opening of two thirds of the mall, including Countdown and the majority of specialty shops. Phase two will begin in mid-July when the remainder of specialty shops and Kmart will open. In late July, phase three will see the opening of the Reading movie theatres and arena. The final phase will be the opening of Farmers in mid -to- late August. The carpark will be fully operational from June 30.

Northlands Shopping Centre

PAK’nSAVE, Countdown, The Warehouse and plenty of stores are open for anything you may need over this time.

  • Countdown is open 8am until 8pm.
  • PAK'nSAVE is open 8am until 7pm.
  • The Warehouse is open 8:30am until 6pm.

There are some stores that are not open but the shopping centre is in full operation Hoyts Remains closed again for a substantial period of time.

Westfield Riccarton

PAK'nSAVE open 8.30am - 8pm daily Kmart 9am - 6pm daily A number of stores on the ground level are now open 9am â?? 6pm Please note this does not include food retailers, Farmers and Rotherham Street retailers. Wednesday 2nd March, we anticipate the balance of the ground floor level stores including the Foodcourt and food retailers to re-open Farmers and the Rotherham Street retailers and level two stores we anticipate to reopen from Thursday 3 March. Hoyts Cinemas remain closed at this time  - we anticipate a reopening date for you by the end of the week. Trading Hours: Week of Monday 28th February - Saturday 5th March: 9am - 6pm PAK'nSAVE trades extended hours to 8pm Sunday 6th March 10am - 6pm Please note: No late night opening on Thursday 3rd March or Friday 4th March.

The Hub Hornby

Pack'n Save: 7am - 11pm Mall 9am - 6pm Some retailers trading limited hours Feel free to charge your cellphone at The Hub, we are offering Cellphone Charging Points throughout the Mall.

South City Mall

Following the devastating earthuake of 22 February we are pleased to advise that South City Centre has been inspected by enginners and has been deemed safe and has received green stickers. However due to the Centre being inside the cordon, cleanup up cannot begin until all work on neighbouring properties has been completed and the cordon moved. The mall hopes to begin trading mid March. Other Malls No update yet for the other smaller malls.

Other Cinema Closures

Hoyts Moorhouse and Hoyts Regent are both closed and have no reopening date at this point.


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