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Posted 21 Apr 2011 by Actionforchcheast Popular
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The media have spent an enormous amount of time on Canterbury's crises since September. Tens of thousands of hours of footage, live feeds, interviews and press conferences have been put to press and seen on our screens - yet why is it, after all this time, one of the biggest issues brought up in community meetings is the 'lack of information'?

Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement describe this phenomen as a "sort of spectacle-driven frenzy" in their most recent publication of Solidarity.

Thankfully efforts to break through the 'white noise' of repetitive images and inconsistent messages are getting through...

...Metro News, a student based news network that used to operate and air from the CTV building are now putting their stories on line.

Heating issues, access to homes within the red zones, profiteering during the crises and whole suburbs left in the dark are but some of the stories found on this site.

"Do your bit by supporting the local and national independent media outlets!"

-metro news, it's great to have you back :)


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