10 Reasons To Stay In Christchurch

Posted 17 Jun 2011 by Swiggs Popular

The Pres have made a great video interviewing real people from our Communities and asking them why they will be staying in Christchurch. If your feeling a bit low I encourage you to view this video and make sure you read the 10 that we have below here and then view the video on the stuff.co.nz site

The Reasons to Stay Video

Also if you have more suggestions, post them up down below. We would love to hear what you have to say: 

1. You're never caught short in Christchurch

Once, finding a toilet in a public place could be a tough task. But in Christchurch, there's now a portaloo on nearly every corner. And, as landscaper Lou Ander told us, it's making it very easy for workmen.

"We never have to order in the toilets on a job site any more," Ander said.

2. There's always a job to be done

Bored? No chance of that. With the constant bubbling of liquefaction, everyone has a job to do. Dayna Maxted, 11, said she's having the time of her life.

"I love cleaning. Seriously. And now I get to clean up all the time," Maxted said.

3. Your 4WD can finally be put to good use

Since the quake, there's a lot more obstacles to be found on Christchurch roads, and some can prove a real challenge. "I like it because it gives my four-wheel-drive a good work out," said Jenni Sands.

4. Fluro is now an acceptable dress code

"I love my fluro and my hard hat because my wife loves it," said Lindsay, an Emergency Operations Centre staff member.

"She thinks I'm sexy."

5. It's still better than Wellington

This one is up for debate, but Christchurch mum Liz Griffith does have a point.

"The weather is still much nicer than windy Wellington," she said.

"My friends will kill me for saying that!"

6. If you're a kid, you get a lot of days off

We found six-year-old Christopher Griffith playing at a park on a Wednesday afternoon.

"I like it because you get lots of days off school," he said.

7. It's still flat - if a bit bumpy - so you can ride your bike everywhere

"There's nothing better than biking across Hagley Park in the really early morning through the frost," said CERA chief Roger Sutton.

"You can't beat it."

8. There's no parking wardens in Christchurch

Patrick and Steve, now members of the EOC, would know all about this one - they used to be parking wardens for Christchurch City Council.

"There's no tickets since the quakes," they said.

9. The Wizard lives in Christchurch - and he's not going anywhere

"Mayors come and go and governments come and go but the Wizard goes on and on," the Wiz said.

"And people like to see me here, it cheers people up."

10. There's always someone to help you out

Peter Beck, Dean of the ChristChurch Cathedral, urges Christchurch's community to stick together.

"Spe Fortis," he said. "It means be strong and hope for the future, and that's what we've got to do."

"We've got to reach out and help each other."


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