Liquefaction under the house - Part 3, Important information

Posted 30 Jun 2011 by benyoung Popular

Right so it has been a while since the last update and not because i have been too busy but more still trying to work out what is going on. Read on for an update of where things are at and also an important message to everyone that has this issue.

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Part 2 here

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What has been happenning and what i have confirmed

  • More emails received from everyone, thanks for the updates
  • Fletchers have been through and have advised it needs to come out
  • Was due to come out next week but has stalled for the moment
  • Will take around 3-4 days to suck it out of our house (3 bedroom)
  • They need to rip the carpets out, move everything out of your house
  • They cut holes in the floor and the contractors get under the floor and suck it out (they make it soluble with a bit of water and some form of powder)
  • Your house ends up messy but the builders prep the house so no damage is made
  • The house is then dried with fans and dehumidifers, before the carpets and floor goes back down
  • Cleaners come through and clean the house and you get moved back in
  • Entire time out of our house would be around 2 weeks
  • It is important for Fletchers to know how wide spread this issue is so they are requesting you get it logged through EQC and passed on to your local hub so land assesors can come out.

The unknown

  • Who pays for it and the process - talking with our local EQR hub this is the hold up, they need to deal with both EQC and a range of private insurers before they can come up with a plan that can be agreed and be rolled out to those affected
  • How widely spread is this and what areas are really bad - EQR/Fletchers need as much information as possible so if you have this issue log it with eqc and get it passed through - the more information the better so they can start helping everyone!
  • Considering the above the unkown and this stage is when work can commence on the houses


As i mentioned! If you have this issue and you have not logged it through EQC then to your local hub do so now and get your name on the list so EQC and EQR/Fletchers can work through it and come up with a plan.


Thanks - will update you all again when i know more.

As always you can email me on or comment below or jump on to our facebook page.


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