Living On The Edge of The Red Zone

Posted 23 Jun 2011 by Scott Popular
Posted in Suburbs

Congratulations to all those people who have been issued a get out of jail free card today. I unfortunately like probably another 1000 odd homeowners are in the Green Zone and I found it quite annoying when looking on the site that when entering my property address it come up with how lucky I am to be in the Green Zone. What a joke!

The last place you want to be is in the Green Zone if the properties all around you are in the Red Zone. I could throw a tennis ball is most directions from my house in Avondale and hit the Red Zone. I could understand if it went from Red Zone to Orange then to Green, but one side of the street Red and the other Green is complete bullshit in my book.

The chances of selling my property in the next 10 years will be about zero squared, who would want to be next to a demolition site where the first few years will breed vandalism and all sorts of trouble, if the government have taken almost a year to decide what to do it does not take too long to work out that it will be several years before they can be bothered to sort out the condemned land in the Red Zone.

I will be spending my time doing all I can to try and become in the Red Zone by complaining like the other 1000 odd owners of homes who have been left in the worst possible position on the edge of somewhere where no one wants to live with a property that is half fallen to bits and liquefaction everywhere around you.

Scotty :-(


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