Christchurch unemployment rate has increased

Posted 07 Jul 2011 by Media3News Popular
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The number of people on benefits has continued to drop but the number of people on the unemployment benefit has increased by nearly 18 percent in those four months.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says just over 6000 people are on the Unemployment Benefit in Canterbury, just 960 more than in the week before the February quake.

The number of New Zealander’s receiving a benefit has fallen every month since the Christchurch earthquake in February.

Ms Bennett’s figures come as 27 workers at the Christchurch Quality Bakers plant have lost their jobs – redundancy was offered for those who could not be moved elsewhere.

Bennett says there’s been a huge drop since May with 800 fewer people receiving welfare.

She says the numbers are promising because early last year almost 70,000 people were on the unemployment benefit and that’s down to 56,000 people this month.

Overall just over 320,000 Kiwis receive some kind of benefit.

Paula Bennett says 2700 young people have cancelled their benefit because they've found work.


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