CanCERN - board appointments

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CanCERN - board appointments

CanCERN held its first general meeting this evening. The main purpose of the meeting was to appoint members to the Board which will give CanCERN its strategic direction and oversight. The Board consists of five positions, four of which are elected, plus the Patron (Peter Beck, the Dean of Christchurch).

There were four positions available: Chair, Vice-Chair and two members.

  • Tom McBrearty was the only candidate and elected unopposed. 

There were two candidates
  • Mark Hau (Canterbury Business Recovery Network)
  • Lesley Keast (Third Age Forum)
Mark Hau was elected to the position.


There were six candidates for two general positions
  • Lesley Keast (Third Age Forum)
  • Terry O'Leary (Sumner Community Group)
  • Clarrie Pearce (NW Richmond Community Group)
  • Jenny Smith  (Te Whare Roimata - Inner City East / West Linwood)
  • Josh Stevenson (Hillsborough Murray Ansley)
  • Barry Tutt  (Bexley Residents Association)
Terry O'Leary and Barry Tutt were elected to the two general positions.


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