Infrastructure rebuild information now online

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Infrastructure rebuild information now online


Residents can now go online to find out the latest information about the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild.


The Stronger Christchurch website –– contains information about specific work being carried out in city neighbourhoods and streets. Updates will also be sent by email to residents who have signed-up to the Stronger Christchurch e-newsletter, which was first used following the 4 September earthquake. You can sign up at receive these updates.


Council General Manager Capital Programme Kevin Locke says emergency response and infrastructure repair work has been ongoing across the city since the 22 February earthquake and following aftershocks. The priority has been to restore temporary services to homes and complete work to make the roads safe and repair critical parts of the underground infrastructure.


“Planning and prioritisation for the rebuild of city roads, sewerage, water supply pipes and parks damaged in recent earthquakes is being carried out right now by all the agencies and contractors involved in the rebuild. A plan for the rebuild will be available in coming months, “ Mr Locke says.


On 3 May this year an interim agreement to form an Alliance partnership was signed by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA), New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), Christchurch City Council, and contractors Fulton Hogan, Fletcher, McConnell Dowell, Downer and City Care. This group will be responsible for the rebuild of the city’s earthquake-damaged infrastructure.


As well as many smaller repairs that have been carried out across the city, some of the major infrastructure rebuild projects being planned or underway right now are outlined below.


McCormacksBay, Mt Pleasant/Redcliffs

The repair and replacement of the sewer main that carries wastewater from Sumner and Redcliffs towards the treatment plant was completed last week. A temporary solution is underway, while permanent repairs will occur as part of the permanent repairs to the Ferrymead Bridge. The existing broken water main on Main Road in Mt Pleasant will be replaced with a new pressure water main along McCormacks Bay Road.


Estuary Road/Union Street, South New Brighton/ New Brighton

A large sewer pipe under Estuary Road from number 180/181 north to Union Street (corner Mountbatten Street) is to be replaced. Work will start soon and it will take approximately seven weeks to finish.


Beachville Road, Redcliffs

Sewer replacement work was completed under Redcliffs Park however due to further aftershocks and extra ground water pumping the work at Beachville Road is ongoing.


Flemington and Ascot Avenue, North New Brighton

Work has started to replace water mains along the length of Flemington Avenue and Ascot Avenue. It is expected to be completed by 5 August 2011.



Avondale Bridge has sustained damage from all three major earthquakes. A temporary repair to the bridge abutments will be carried out and residents will be informed prior to work starting. This repair is to fill the abutment cavities to strengthen the bridge while a more permanent solution is investigated. The bridge will be closed to all traffic while work is underway.


Woodham Road, Wainoni

Emergency sewer repairs are currently underway at the eastern end of Woodham Road. The sewer trunk main that collects and transports wastewater from about 70% of the city was further damaged in the 13 June aftershocks.


Fitzgerald Avenue, Central City

Work is now underway to replace the retaining wall along the river on Fitzgerald Avenue, north of Kilmore Street. This work also involves the replacement sewer works, bridge works and road replacement. These are major works that will progress over the coming months. Motorists should be aware there are likely to be delays while work is underway and they should keep an eye out for changes to traffic management.


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