EQC encourages people to provide contents documentation

Posted 22 Jul 2011 by benyoung Popular
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Around 80,000 Cantabrians have not yet filed a schedule of contents form and documentation to complete their contents claims.
Canterbury Events Manger Reid Stiven said today, “Settling contents claims is a major priority for EQC and we are working to settle all contents claims by December. We have employed more staff to deal with contents claimsand we have paid $108 million in content claims to date.“
EQC has received 128,000 contents claims but it is estimated that 80,000 of these claims do not include a schedule of contents form and any supporting documentation. This form and other helpful information are available on this website.       
All documentation to EQC needs to have a claim number included.
“There are a number of reasons  why people haven’t yet provided us with the information we need, ranging from being unable to get into their house to complete a list,  to dealing with other issues such as health and housing.”
Some of the 128,000 open content claims will not be paid out. Reasons include: the claim is under EQC's $200 excess; the same breakage is lodged in claims for on multiple events or people living in the same house are claiming for the same items. 


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