EQC Interactive Map

Posted 10 Jul 2011 by Swiggs Popular

EQC have released a land map that overlays all the information to date relating to the Canterbury Earthquakes and the continuing aftershocks.

The map includes information on the following:

  • Properties with contents damage
  • Rapid inspections completed
  • Liquefaction after February earthquake
  • Suburbs – inspection/damage statistics (this just shows the number of damaged buildings in a suburb)
  • Hub zones (not really sure about this one. Appears to be a suburb-grouping system that EQC have been using)
  • Land classification (green, orange and red zones after the June announcement)
  • Land displacement – after February earthquake (quite impressive)
  • Earthquake information on how powerful the earthquakes were likely felt.

Update: July 2012 - EQC have quietly pulled this information down from public view. We will be building our own as we gather more information



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