St Albans has a representative on the CERA Community Forum

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Hi everyone. 

I have been appointed a member of the CERA Community Forum.  I am representing the St Albans Community and was nominated by the St Albans Residents Association (SARA).  The intention of the Residents’ Association is to play a part in the development of a vibrant and healthy community brought about by involvement and empowerment of its residents.

About me: My name is Emma Twaddell. I have lived in St Albans for 10 years. Before this I spent 5 years travelling and working around the world. I grew up in Timaru and studied in Dunedin.

I am a strong woman, a stroppy but supportive wife, a loving mother, a kind daughter, a fun friend, a friendly neighbour, a creative teacher, a hard working small business owner and a newly appointed but keen Chairperson of SARA.

I personally like to live, play and work locally. I like to walk, bike and use public transport. I compost and don’t have a dryer. I support local businesses and think local traffic management is lacking.

For Christchurch I dream of a future where people are happy, healthy, educated and safe. Living sustainably in vibrant communities, in a world leading city.

The community forum had an interesting first meeting with the 38 representatives, Roger Sutton and Gerry Brownlee. Each member spoke of how they were appointed to the forum and their thoughts on Canterbury. There is a good mix of interests amongst the members and many wear several hats. Community, the environment, culture, arts, sport, health, education and business. Though to me it seemed everyone was interested in looking at a big picture.

It would be good to hear from the residents of St Albans about what they expect from the community forum and in particular me. If you would like to contact me, please email  


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