Sellout at new Hagley Park marquee

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A temporary theatre in Hagley Park is giving displaced Christchurch performers a home.

Christchurch-based entertainment promoter Ben McDonald recognised the need for a new performance venue after many theatres around the city were damaged in the February earthquake.

The Celebration Theatre, created from a 150-seat marquee imported from the United States, features theatre, music, children's shows and cabaret-style performances throughout the month.

The theatre also features an artistic windmill and façade, built by Christchurch set designer Chris Reddington over the past seven weeks.

"It's supposed to just be fun. It's a talking point. People see it and their faces light up," McDonald said.

"You don't feel like you're in a marquee; you feel like you're in a theatre."

The Winter Garden season kicked off last night with performances by Lyttelton band The Eastern and jazz musician Nic Kyle.

McDonald said The Eastern enjoyed support from a sellout crowd, while Kyle's audience was "enthusiastic".

"We had to turn a few people away, which is a good problem to have."

The Celebration Theatre would run until July 30 and would be back for another full season of entertainment in December, McDonald said.

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