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  • About the Terms of Reference

    The Commission's Terms of Reference define the matters the Commission has been created to inquire into and directs us what to do about finding a solution to it. Our Terms of Reference require us to look at two major areas.

  • Notice of Issues

    Six principal issues arise under Commission’s Terms of Reference. The Notice of Issues includes detail about each issue.

  • How the Commission Works

    The Commission is committed to conducting a fair and thorough investigation. The way the inquiry is conducted and the Commission is run is decided by the Chair and Commissioners. Public hearings are just one part of the inquiry process.

  • Help the inquiry

    The Commission has already obtained significant amounts of information from a wide range of organisations and individuals. However,please contact us if you have relevant information to share about buildings which failed in the 22 February 2011 earthquake causing loss of life.

  • Submissions

    People who have filed an expression of interest are able to make submissions on issues that arise under the Commission's terms of reference.

  • Hearings

    The Commission will hold public hearings on issues that arise under the Commission's terms of reference.

  • Reporting requirements

    Two reports are required. First, an interim report by 11 October 2011 to inform early decision-making on the rebuilding and repair work of Christchurch central business district. Second, a final report to be delivered by 11 April 2012.


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