Posted 25 Sep 2011 by letsgetonwithit Popular
Posted in Insurance , Rebuild

Surely with all of our expertise on engineering and materials we can build a house that doesn't need insurance. It would need to be:

  1. Level adjustable
  2. Prefabricated  or build on site in sections and put together to be 'broken down and relocatable in sections
  3. tough and light or flexible enough to resist lateral forces I-beam base with steel beams and bracing and light composite material walls for insulation perhaps clad with linear wetherboard - cement based.
  4. Incombustable

Sure this might cost more (or would it) but think of the savings in insurance premiums - Hey! and then we could get on with residential rebuild.  Maybe the land wouldn't be insured in this scenario - mind you a lot of land in CHCH has been proven to be good and is low risk for insurers.

This must be doable - especially for kiwis. There is some reading online about structures that resist earthquakes but not a lot of indestructable houses. Sure, your kids will chuck a ball through the glass window but you can pay for that yourself from all the money you don't need to pay in insurance - and take a holiday somewhere nice! :}



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