Hearings Schedule

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The Commission will hold a series of public hearings on issues that arise under our terms of reference.

The venue will be St Teresa Church on the corner of Riccarton Road and Puriri Street, Christchurch.

Hearings Begin Topic

17 October 2011

Canterbury Earthquakes Sequence and Implications for Seismic Design Levels

25 October 2011

Foundations on Deep Alluvial Soils

7 November 2011

The Performance of Unreinforced Masonry and other Earthquake Prone Buildings in the Canterbury Earthquakes - Requirements for Seismic Strengthening

Other Hearings

Other hearings will be held about other topics in due course. The Commission is not able to set out a full schedule of the hearings until it receives the results of a separate investigation being carried out by theDepartment of Building and Housing into the failure of the CTV, PGC, Hotel Grand Chancellor and Forsyth Barr buildings. In the meantime we are continuing with our own investigation of the failure of those buildings and many other buildings in the CBD, including those in or near where lives were lost on 22 February 2011.

Our terms of reference require us to take the results of the departmental investigation into account and determine the sequence of our inquiry having regard to its availability. Until the results of that investigation are public the Commission cannot schedule the hearings dealing with those buildings.

The hearings in relation to the inspection of buildings and the ‘stickering’ or ‘placarding’ of buildings following the 4 September and 26 December earthquakes should logically follow consideration of the reasons for the failure of these buildings. This means that these hearings can not be scheduled at this stage either.

It is important that the departmental investigation is thorough as that will assist the work of the Commission.


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