CBD rebuild not a priority - survey

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hristchurch people want action on housing repairs and rebuilds – their top priority, a new survey reveals – and are less concerned about rebuilding the broken central business district.

The survey was conducted by the Canterbury Business Leaders Group with 1235 respondents from several organisations within the 150-member group ranging from corporates to not-for-profit organisations and educational institutions.

It is the second survey by CBLG since the February earthquake. In April, housing, business recovery and insurance payouts were top concerns.

In August housing remained number one with roading, traffic management and education next.

The rebuild and access to the cbd and repair of city infrastructure has fallen in importance since the April survey.

Some 88 per cent of the respondents are in their original homes and 32 per cent say they have moderate to significant damage.

Survey spokesman Brett Chambers from Deloitte said the speed of recovery was seen as key to keeping employees in Christchurch. The employees expected to see clear plans and visible action within six months.

The Earthquake Commission has dropped most in respondents' estimation when it comes to communication, though employees are also less satisfied in the August survey with communications from their employers, Government and the business community.

The drop was largest for EQC, falling to 45 per cent satisfaction from 71 per cent in April.

About 67 per cent of respondents said insurers were providing adequate information and most were seeking more action from EQC and insurance firms.

The majority, 81 per cent, want to continue their careers in Christchurch and another 5 per cent are committed to the South Island.

However the June aftershocks have definitely dented commitment to staying in Canterbury indefinitely. That has fallen to 58 per cent from 63 per cent in April.

Most employees felt that Christchurch would return to prosperity in three to six years, with only 6 per cent expecting that to take more than 10 years.

Local government leadership seems to have slipped from its top ranking in April. Then respondents expected the recovery to be led by a consortium of leadership groups headed by local government, central government and local businesses.


Only 15 per cent of the respondents have had a fall in household income.

Only 12 per cent of businesses reported an increase in income.

61 per cent are working from their original work premises.

14 per cent are working from temporary premises.

23 per cent are working from home or new premises, up 7 per cent since April.

37 per cent are working in the city, 63 per cent in the suburbs.


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