Disrupted sleep anyone?

Posted 15 Jan 2012 by MediaStuff Popular
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Large aftershocks are continuing to disrupt sleep and rattle nerves in Canterbury.

Many residents were shaken awake at 2.47am when a violent magnitude-5.08 aftershock hit.

Soon after the size of the quake was posted by Geonet, many expressed surprise on Twitter the quake was not larger.

Rolleston resident Spanky was certain it was a mistake: "Reckon that will be revised up. Felt waaaay bigger."

However, it was a particularly shallow quake recorded at 5.9km deep and centred on Southshore - further inland than recent quakes. Most in the swarm which began on December 23 have been centred off-shore in Pegasus Bay.

And it was not all bad news. Claire Martin tweeted: "The bedroom door started sticking on open/close post-December 23. That earthquake unstuckit. Opens n closes like a dream now."

It is the fouth quake over a magnitude 5.0 this year according to the Canterbury Quake Live website and the ninth since the swarm began on December 23.

Last night's was the most shallow of the nine, which ranged from depths of 13.6km to 7km.


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