Day 602 - The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal to grant $100K

Posted 18 Oct 2012 by addingtonaction Popular
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The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust has agreed to grant $100,000 to Addington Action over 2 years to assist with the repair of a minimum of 80 earthquake damaged homes of uninsured vulnerable people in the south of Christchurch.


  • The contract has been drawn up and once signed, payment is conditional on the provision of the latest audited accounts.
  • $80,000 is for building materials.
  • $20,000 is for administration costs associated with the minor repairs to earthquake damaged homes.

It is expected that most of the $20,000 will be spent on establishing and operating workshop buildings at 124 Garlands Rd which will be used as a base for doing these repairs.

An official announcement will no doubt be made further down the track with more details.

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