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Garry Moore, is a former mayor of Christchurch, New Zealand, serving from 1998 to 2007 before which he served two terms as a councillor. 

Like many, Garry has been personally affected by the Christchurch earthquakes. On February 22nd, 2011 he was trapped on the 12th floor of Christchurch's Forsyth Barr building on Colombo Street after the stairwell collapsed, along with 19 colleagues. His family bar, Goodbye Blue Monday, in Poplar Lane, was also lost in the earthquake. He was quoted as saying, “It is with much sadness that I wish to announce that Goodbye Blue Monday is over. It is strange that something that I put my heart-and-soul into over two years has suddenly ceased to be. I think the building is still there – standing sadly with rain getting in and ruining those toilet walls I fought to keep clean and graffiti free – but the business is buggered… We created something that didn’t exist before we made it and now its over. We have started talking about Goodbye Blue Monday in the past tense.” 

Garry has moved on. Direct and forthright he has always been a popular speaker. Now two years after the earthquakes, with recovery almost a lost dream for many especially in the East of the city, Garry has become more and more outspoken, believing that someone needs to speak up about the issues in Christchurch particularly the loss of democracy. He believes that more consultation with people is essential and accuses present leaders of having 'cloth ears'.  Following his appearance on nine to noon on Radio NZ on 17th September, 2012 speaking about the government's decision to close many Christchurch schools, he says he has been surprised at how many people he doesn't know have come up to him on the street, thanking him for speaking out.

On these video clips, Garry once again speaks out. 

Garry Moore 1 "Open hearts and minds"
Garry Moore 2 "Strangulation of honesty and Openness"
Garry Moore 3 "EQC disconnect"

Garry also is often to be heard on radio nz. In the following audio clip he speaks about the school closures proposed for Christchurch

Garry Moore on School Closures
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