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Posted 05 Oct 2012 by AnnaH Popular
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Calcon continues to play a major role in the development on infrastructure around the Canterbury region.

At the 2011 Canterbury Contractor of the Year Awards held in November last year, Calcon reigned supreme in three categories - Transdiesel Ltd. Category A (up to $200,000), Total Lubricants Category D (over $2 million) and the Hays Recruiting Sub-Contractor Award. We believe this success is recognition of our commitment to living our core company values and fulfilling our goal of 'completing high-quality work'. We have exceptionally high standards with which we carry out every job we do.

The Lyttelton Hill Water Control project involved installing water control devices to manage storm water run-off and reduce sediment build up. This project involved working on a steep, slippery hillside with difficult access. Calcon worked with Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) and Environment Canterbury (ECAN) to design and install the system. The day before materials were due to be delivered onsite there was a deluge, preventing heavy machinery driving on the raw, clay surface track. Our men carried materials up by hand to meet ECAN deadlines, a measure of staff commitment to getting the job done.

The Lyttelton Earthquake Response project, also for the Lyttelton Port Company, involved the Calcon team working underneath the container wharf in confined spaces and low light, in the two hours either side of the lowest tide level.

Christchurch Airport Stage 6 was a very different project involving a high profile site critical to the South Island economy. While maintaining full operations at the airport, Calcon excavated for new foundations, lift shafts and basements; prepared for laying of foundation slabs; laid large scale drainage and water supply pipes; and prepared for landscaping by executing a range of demolition, excavation and kerbing works. Controlling dust and noise, sheltering the public and screening the site all posed unique challenges the team had to overcome.

The diversity of these award-winning projects is testament to the far-reaching capabilities of Calcon as a company, demonstrating our versatility, ability to perform well across a broad spectrum of projects and overcome challenges in order to get the job done.

We provide services and expertise in the following areas: Project Management, Subdivisions, Site Works, Civil Construction, Roading, Sports Fields and Turfs, Drainage, Water and Services Reticulation, Earthworks, Retaining Structures, Kerbing, Surfacing,  Landscaping, Waterways, Bulk Cartage and Traffic Management. 


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