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Locked out of undamaged factory for 635 days 


Do we own our building???? who knows 110 days.

I have just seen the “draft”  transport plan for the city. Here is the link for those of you with some time!

Sigh, Aspects of it are back to the past.  Instead of taking the bull by the horns they have inflicted another one way street on our area. We will now be trapped between 2 race tracks, St Asaph Street and now Tuam Street. It will leave the High Street block as an island, trapped between the 2 one ways, as well as being dominated by a useless covered stadium towering over us (that will be used maybe a dozen times a year.)  Oh well there will be a pretty green frame between the 2 race tracks,  that will be “nice”,   I guess????  if you dare to cross the street to get to it.

One would have thought that they had learnt their lesson with the derelict look of the buildings on the one way street system.  Mind you there is nothing left so I guess it does not matter.  What really puzzles me is that the 4 main avenues are underutilized.  They were the obvious choice for across town traffic.

Architect Ian Athfield summed it up nicely: “Having a fast one-way system through an area which is poorly settled doesn’t help your settlement patterns, it’s just as simple as that. What you have to do is get more people into the centre of town or into areas which need to be densified to make it work properly.” The one-way system became a sticking point.

the link:

Progress on the building is like watching paint dry. Painfully slow. Only one other building owner in the street has started repairs. The situation is insane.  When I can I will tell you the full story.  There are aspects of this that can not be told yet.

We are trying to get the frontage fully sealed for the coming winter, because we are starting to doubt that we will get access for some time yet, and my machinery can not stand another winter exposed to the temperature change.

There are some very interesting stories being told by building owners in the frames.  The classic at the moment is 2 building owners with sections side by side.  One is offered $1000 per sq m and the neighbour is offered $1500 per sq m.  The CCDU is basing all its pricing on the historical “fire sales”  (sales made under pressured situation) made in the city.  These do not reflect the true values of our properties.  The other issue is that they still maintain that the fences are for safety. This is nonsense.  The fences are in place to keep the prices depressed until the CCDU has finished the negotiations with property owners, By Christmas I believe!  ha ha. Dream on.  This is not a willing seller willing buyer situation.  I think that the court will be clogged for years to come. And it is obvious that the price tag for these property purchases is well beyond the means of central government.

Below is a map of the city with some historical prices.  Interesting but Historical.  As you can see it has not been updated.  I wonder why!Christchurch is not a happy place to live in.

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