Police called in over six suspicious EQC claims

Posted 02 Feb 2012 by MediaStuff Popular
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The Earthquake Commission (EQC) has asked police to investigate six claims in the past year.

EQC claims review manager Shane Collins said the commission had nine staff members looking at claims and invoices "which have been flagged as requiring more information, either from a customer or tradesperson".

Since the start of last February, 269 customers had been referred to the team. "These customer files are not necessarily fraudulent. However, further inquiries are needed to ensure the customer receives their correct entitlement," Collins said.

Of the 269 files, 128 were active, including six that had been referred to police, she said. Another police referral was pending.

Of the 141 files completed, 44 had been accepted, 59 had been adjusted (part of the claim declined or details of the claim changed with customer consent), 10 had been declined and 28 required no further action.

Collins said the team had stopped $700,000 of incorrect entitlement being paid.

Christchurch police said yesterday charges had been laid in relation to one of the referred files, and charges were pending over another.


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