Christchurch housing crisis raised by MPs

Posted 29 Mar 2012 by Media3News Popular
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Christchurch families are renting garages to live in, and 11 people are living in one two-bedroom house, parliament has been told.

Labour and NZ First MPs say there's an "exploding rental crisis" in the city and 600 state houses that were damaged in the earthquake are still boarded up with no decisions taken on repairing or rebuilding them.

They questioned Housing Minister Phil Heatley today, asking for government intervention to deal with rapidly rising rents demanded by landlords.

"We are not not considering that at this time," Mr Heatley said.

"We've got new developments coming on stream that we believe will help meet the demand and drive down rentals and house prices."

Mr Heatley says the state houses are in the city's red zone where buildings are too badly damaged to repair and can't be rebuilt.

"Housing New Zealand is looking at thousands of cases, they've shifted thousands of people and they've done an excellent job."


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