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Posted 01 Mar 2012 by letsgetonwithit Popular
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Turns out that you are not alone in your attempt to put your life back together.  There are so many people in exactly the same boat who are struggling to make progress -  I mean their situation is the same as yours. I am so sick of getting the run around from people on the end of the phone who can't seem to make a decision or even advise correctly. The reason we can't make progress is now clear to me after hours of phone calls over the last year leading nowhere - as individuals we are small - we don't seem to matter. 

Just today I was told by another ill informed operator that my insurance company is waiting for information from Tomkin and Taylor about land in TC2 categories - what nonsense, the land which suffered no damage has been designated green which is go for building and repairs and my insurance company cant seem to make up its mind as to a course of action and have settled for inaction. 

Quoting from information on the green zone TC2:

'Property owners in the residential green zone no longer have to wait for the 

results of any area-wide land assessment reports by EQC or EQC's

engineering consultants Tonkin & Taylor. However, ongoing insurance claim 

assessments are continuing'

State is citing their inability to act on my claim relates  missing information which has been there all the time (quoted above)- I've had enough! If corporates such as Insurance companies are stalling when they could act, the solution must be to get together and get some representation of the legal kind. The first step is for people in the exact same boat to get together. 

My boat is 'State Insurance Customer, TC2 land undamaged by quake, total rebuild, uninhabitable house'  If you are in my exact same boat,  contact me on and we’ll start a mailing list, discuss a course of action, chip in a few bucks and get some legal representation.

Please don't contact me if you are not in the same exact boat - it will be pointless. Start your own group 



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