Merivale Mall set to reopen

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Merivale Mall

CLOSED: Parts of Merivale Mall were closed because of earthquake risk.


Twenty stores at the mall were closed on February 11 when engineers found parts of the building were earthquake-prone.The ground floor of Merivale Mall, including the Fresh Choice supermarket, could reopen this week.

However major work is close to being completed, and the ground floor should reopen on Friday or Saturday, the mall's owner said today.

Tower Insurance chief executive Sam Stubbs said: ''Things are progressing faster than expected but we still need final sign-offs by the engineers and the [Christchurch City] Council.

''What we're hoping for is to open by the end of this week, we don't know whether that will be Friday or Saturday.''

Minor work is required on the mall's first floor. It should reopen next week.

Co-owner of Sergios menswear store, Paul Dean said it may take an extra week before his first floor store reopens.

''We'll have access to it next week but it may take a good week or so to have it open to the public.

"It has been a little bit of hiccup but we're not dwelling on it too much. We're happy we're going to be open again.''

According to the Merivale Mall website: ''Most, if not all, of the currently closed ground floor shops in Merivale Mall could likely commence reopening for business within the week of 19 to 25 March 2012, with the closed first floor shops reopening for business approximately one week later''.


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