Brownlee calls for cathedral info release

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CERA will release its more than 1000 pages of documents online

CERA will release its more than 1000 pages of documents online

The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority will make public all documents it holds about Christ Church Cathedral, and the Government is calling for the Anglican Church to follow suit.

It comes after a standoff between Bishop Victoria Matthews, who announced in March the church would be partly deconstructed to make it safe following major damage in last February's earthquake, and locals protesting the move.

The deconstruction, which began on Monday, will reduce the cathedral down to two or three metres so heritage items can be removed until decisions about a new cathedral are made.

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee wants the Anglican Church to release all advice and documentation it has been working from, because of the public interest in the deconstruction.

"There are a range of views on the very difficult decision the Anglican Church has made about the future of its cathedral, and given the significance of the building this issue is of huge concern to many people in the community," he said.

"I believe that if the public is able to see the advice the church has been working from there is likely to be more understanding about the extent of the damage to the cathedral, and the rationale behind the decision to partially deconstruct it."

CERA will release its more than 1000 pages of documents online from 9am on Friday.

The Historic Places Trust is also opposed to the deconstruction work, saying it has engineering reports which suggest the cathedral can be retained in greater form than Anglican Church leaders believe.

The trust wants deconstruction work to stop and is supporting the retention of as much of the cathedral's heritage fabric as possible.


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