Mother wins fight to quit city after claim deemed over cap

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Deborah Harris

HAPPIER NOW: A relieved Deborah Harris last week received a letter from EQC confirming her over-cap claim was still applicable.


Deborah Harris told The Press this month her attempts to leave the quake-hit city were thwarted after her EQC claim was reassessed a year after it was paid out. Her North Beach home was written off by insurer IAG after the September 2010 and February 2011 quakes and she was paid out more than $113,000 by the Earthquake Commission (EQC) last April.A Christchurch single mother caught in a battle between EQC and her insurer has emerged a winner.

However, Harris discovered the damage had been reassessed as being under the cap and the house would be passed to Fletcher Construction for repair, which put a planned move to the North Island in jeopardy.

A relieved Harris last week received a letter from EQC confirming the over-cap claim was still applicable.

"The damage has been confirmed over cap for the September event ... As far as EQC is concerned you are now working with your insurer," the letter said.

Harris said on Friday she had felt she would "lose the plot". She and her daughter had needed counselling for quake-related stress, but were moving to the Coromandel.

"It was such good closure. I've got another chapter with my house being rebuilt, but that's a lot more straightforward now," Harris said.

She felt for homeowners still subject to apportionment, a process for determining how quake-claim liability was split between EQC and insurers.

All 70,000 EQC claims were subject to the process, but less than 5000 were priority cases.

Claims over $100,000 and those in the red zone took precedence.


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