Moving house, literally

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house shifting
Joseph Johnson

ON THE MOVE: Jen Hay and her daughter Polly Haywood are shifting their beloved home to Dunsandel.


Last night, David Haywood and Jen Hay saw their house split in two and taken by truck to a Dunsandel section.A Christchurch couple have taken ''moving house'' to a new level - shifting their Avonside villa to Dunsandel.

Hay, a university lecturer, and Haywood, an engineer, decided to move their Edwardian villa from their Avonside section after being red-zoned.

''We loved our house and it wasn't completely wrecked, so we wanted to save it by taking it with us. It was pretty strange to see your house up on a truck like that, but great to see it arrive out in Dunsandel. We're thrilled,'' Hay said.

The shift cost them about $100,000 in moving expenses, consents and reports.

''It was a lot more economical to move and fix our old house than to rebuild a completely new house. We're not going to come out of this thing too badly,'' Hay said.

The couple decided to make the move to Dunsandel after months of searching for a suitable section in Christchurch.

Hay said it had been ''impossible'' to find a section in the city as even small, private subdivisions in established neighbourhoods had restrictive rules.

''There were almost no sections that would take our house, so we were very lucky to find this one. We don't mind moving though, and the house really suits the section, so we're very happy.''

She said about a dozen others from their neighbourhood had wanted to shift houses out of Avonside but had given up searching. Their homes would now be demolished.

The family, who currently live at the Linwood Park temporary village, hope to move back into their villa within a couple of months.

''It will still be a while but it's just great to be in the phase where we're putting the house back together rather than taking everything apart. We really can't wait,'' Hay said.


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