Day 462 - Addington Action tweaks food system

Posted 30 May 2012 by addingtonaction Popular
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Earlier tonight, the monthly meeting of Addington Action members discussed the progress in organising the local working class communities to respond and recover from the effects of the quakes, and the likely future knock on effects of the developing economic crisis in Europe.

Some decisions were made around the food supply system Addington Action is building up.
  • Expanding the Christchurch South Fruit & Veggie Co-op to feed hundreds of families each week.
  • Establish 100 home vegetable gardens by end of 2012 to kick start widespread adoption of home gardens.
  • Distribution of up to 15 emergency food parcels per week.
Some minor tweaks have been necessary to remove unnecessary steps, set firm deadlines, and robust redundancy to cover the unexpected.

The out reach crew raised $413.90 from the sale of BBQ sausages at 4 recent Crusaders matches played at Christchurch Stadium. Great effort crew.


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