Parklands East stays green TC3

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Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says a thorough review of the state of the land in Parklands East following the December 23 earthquake has shown the original decision to zone the area green remains appropriate.

Properties in Parklands East were zoned green and given Department of Building and Housing (DBH) Technical Category 3 (TC3).

“Analysis shows Parklands East’s original zoning is consistent with the approach used in all of the flat land zoning, and despite further liquefaction in December it does not meet the criteria to be zoned red,” Mr Brownlee said.

“It is possible for houses in Parklands East to be repaired or rebuilt on an individual basis; there is no need for area-wide land treatment.

“Technical guidance on appropriate foundation treatments for TC3 properties has been prepared by DBH and should be followed,” Mr Brownlee said.

Christchurch City Council has also advised CERA that repair of horizontal infrastructure in Parklands East is feasible.

“Further information about building and repairing properties in TC3 areas will be delivered to Parklands East residents today and tomorrow, and two community meetings will be held next week to further inform residents of their status and options,” Mr Brownlee said.

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