15th May 4.5 Aftershock in Christchurch

Posted 16 May 2012 by ChChEarthquakeNews
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Geonet reported a 4.5 aftershock in Christchurch on the 15th May 2012. The shake occurred at 1:27pm and was centred in the ocean near New Brighton. Canterbury Quake Live recorded the depth as 10.39 kilometres and it measured v on the Mercalli scale. This means the quake was felt by almost everyone, some people awakened. Small objects moved. trees and poles may shake.

Locals described it as a jolt followed by an extended wobble. Facebook comments included the following:
  • Well that was a good rocker
  • The house is still moving
  • That will have rattled a few more rocks off the cathedral
The widespread feeling was it was the biggest shake most residents had felt for several weeks.


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