Christchurch Aftershocks 25th May 2012

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Following a few days of increased seismic activity, Christchurch experienced a 5.2 aftershock at 2:44pm on the 25 May 2012. It was centred in the sea between New Brighton and Sumner at a depth of 10 kilometres. The Mercalli scale registered it as VI meaning the following: Felt by everyone. Difficult to stand. Some heavy furniture moved, some plaster falls. Chimneys may be slightly damaged. Canterbury Quake Live reported it as the 30th biggest shake since the 7.1 earthquake on the 4th September 2010. It was followed by a number of smaller shakes.

Residents felt it as a wobbling and shaking with houses creaking and rattling as the movement continued. Facebook comments included the following:

Had all the lights swaying here on the hills
Strong quake in rangiora
That rocked for ages afterwards
I am shaking, that was so scary, heck it went on for ages
Just felt that one in Ashburton

The red zone of Christchurch was shut down soon after the quake as a safety measure.

Aftershocks are predicted to continue for some years to come.


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