On Day 617 - Trying to Stay Positive

Posted 18 May 2012 by Swiggs Popular
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Today might not be a good day for some of us in Christchurch. It is 20 months since the first earthquakes started to shake our foundations around. The minister has just announced more land zone changes and this is going to have a direct impact on the lives of people. For some these latest announcements and the ones prior are a relief and the possibilities that come are beneficial for you but for others the zoning and the change is a huge burdon on our lives. 

In fact the entire event for the past 20 months is a burdon on all our lives. For all of us there is some effect, whether it be that we cant go to town to shop etc, cant go to an office to work, to more direct implications such as your home is a wreck or that you are being shifted due to land decisions. For each of us the issues we deal with are equally important to us and respect needs to be understood about this. 

What helps is staying positive and keeping a positive mindset. This does not mean forget or that the issues that we deal with are any less important it means being positive. However angry or sad you may be, remaining angry and sad is counterproductive. As with most other things, attitudes often become self-fulfilling prophesies. Try to stay positive when disaster strikes whatever that may be and the aftermath will be that much easier to deal with.


Steps for Staying Positive:


·         Count your blessings. Your house may be broken and a business may be in loss, but if you and your family are alive and well, you have much to be thankful for.

·         Realize that you are not alone. We all experienced the same disaster. While your suffering may be great, others are also suffering. We all have different expectations of what we need but remember that this is

·         Realize that help is available. As devastating as it may be, it's doubtful that you'll be completely on your own. As you become better educated about what the future holds and the help that is available, you'll become less uncertain this makes it easier to maintain a positive attitude.

·         Take action. While it may be tempting to play the role of a victim and continue to grieve you losses, taking action can have a healing affect. It propels you forward and demonstrates that you do have some control over your situation.


All of the above steps can help you to move from a state of shock and grief into a state of peace and action. But if you are incapacitated or have lost family members as a result of the disaster allow yourself to grieve as it is normal, seek and accept the multitude of support there is for you.  Staying positive in these situations is far more difficult when you feel as though you don't have any blessings to count or you are too injured to do anything but lie in your hospital bed. Below are a few tips that may help:

·         Remind yourself that being positive doesn't mean you have to be happy. In fact, you can be incredibly sad, yet positive. Tomorrow is another day. You can survive.


Disasters, as terrible as they are, often bring people and communities together as we have seen here in Christchurch. Don’t forget those connections we made. Those days where we all banded together are just as important now as they were 20 months ago and after ever other big one.

One thing I have to do is tell myself something positive every night and morning. There is a lot of negativity and agendas out in our community that will bring you down to a level that is counterproductive. If I can stay positive most of the time (it is ok to throw a wobbly from time to time, even more often than that) then so can you J




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