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Posted 29 May 2012 by RenewBrighton Popular
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I'm a bit of a 'glass half full' type of girl and always try to see the positive outcome of every situation.

While I'm superbly optimistic, I'm also realistic too. It's half-full now, but how do we keep on topping it up?

Unfortunately in our society, it's the story where the glass is half empty that sells. Folks love sensationalism. Folks love a good story about a building being burnt down, despite remembering vaguely that there was potentially a lot of controversy surrounding that building in the first place and the fact that in reality, now that ugly building is gone, we can have something newer, better, stronger and built with a purpose in mind in its place.

Despite my best efforts, not-so-good news stories keep escaping our village and the rest of the world's impression of How Life Is in Greater Brighton isn't always as great as our own.

So on Saturday morning I turned over a new leaf.

I'm going to seek out those GoodNews stories and if I can't find them, I'm going to create them!

What's your GoodNews story?

Help us put Brighton in the media in a positive light- help us Brighton UP! take part, engage, be a part of something random and beautiful, make wee gifts for your neighbour, talk to people at bus-stops, come down and help us fill in those gaps , create a litter-picking or graffiti-painting-out brigade in your street, host a street party ~ whatever you do, do two things: tell us & tell the media:



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