Quake-damaged trees coming down

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Earthquake-damaged trees are to be removed from South New Brighton to prevent them either drowning or falling over.

Work will begin next week to remove the 60 mature pine and macrocarpa trees from the northern end of Blighs Garden.

Authorities said the trees had to go because they had been damaged in a number of different ways by the earthquakes.

As a result of the ground movement, the trees had root damage, which can cause the trees to become unstable and fall over. The trees were also at a risk of drowning, as the drop in land levels meant there were now higher water levels in the area. This meant the trees could become water-logged.

Higher water levels in the area had also caused salt water contamination of tree roots.

Christchurch City Council spokesman Alan Beuzenberg said the trees had deteriorated over summer and the council was left with no option but to remove them as they were unsafe.

"The felling of trees is likely to cause ground vibrations which could be of concern for some residents. Our contractors are mindful of this and will be taking care to minimise the affects of noise, dust and ground movement while this work is underway. In addition, heavy vehicles will be in the area to remove the trees and they may cause some traffic disruption," he said. 

Treetech Ltd would begin work next Wednesday and it is scheduled to be completed by Friday, June 15.  The northern end of Blighs Garden will be closed until the work is completed.

As the trees would be completely removed from Blighs Garden, there would be no wood available for residents.

As part of the contract negotiations with Treetech, the company would own the wood from the felled trees. In agreeing to this, council staff said they had reduced the cost of the project.

The Blighs Garden replanting plan has not yet been finalised.


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