Day 493 - co-op poster gets out

Posted 30 Jun 2012 by addingtonaction Popular
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There is now a laminated A4 sized poster to promote the Christchurch South Fruit & Veggie Co-op (CSFVC). It lists 8 distribution centres where people pay and pick up co-op orders.

200 have been prepared in bundles of 10, along with maps, tape and a pen.

On Wednesday 60 posters were given out to groups to put up in and around their distribution centres. Since then Addington Action volunteers have taken another 80 to put up on power poles on residential streets starting in Addington. Starting today a series of working bees have been organised over the next week starting at 9am each morning to cover blocks of 3-5 streets at a time to distribute the remaining 60 - 4 posters a street

500 more posters are being printed off this week by supporters for wider distribution once they are laminated.

The poster are not to be put up in shopping centres or near dairies. These people are not responsible for the social impacts of the quakes, where people can't afford to eat because of damaged house heating bills, rising rents, unemployment etc. That fault lies squarely with government, their bureaucrats and their bungling.


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