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Within the last day or two EQC made further changes to their TC3 land FAQ (here).


The diagram of the land claim process for TC3 has been removed.

The section How long will EQC take to complete geotechnical engineering work on TC3 properties? has been removed.


The first paragraph of the section Remediating your land has been changed from

It’s important to note that EQC cover for land damage is not designed to remediate underlying geotechnical problems with the land in question. For property in TC3, the settlement will not change the category of your property, or reduce the future risk of liquefaction.
For property in TC3, it’s important to note that your EQC settlement for land damage will not necessarily remediate problems with the land that existed before the earthquakes in 2010/11. EQC cover for land damage is not designed to change the technical category of your property or reduce the future risk of liquefaction.
The change from "underlying geotechnical problems" to "problems with the land that existed before the earthquakes in 2010/11" could be a softening up prior to declaring some problems as being pre-existing and therefore excluded from EQC coverage. It is a pity EQC makes these changes by stealth and provides no explanation of what they mean.


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