NZ-RT (Response Teams) Christchurch Earthquake Deployment

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Were you part of a NZ-RT (Response Team) deployed after the 22 February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake?

NZ-RT (Response Team) Christchurch Earthquake Command Unit

NZ-RT Latimer Square Command Unit

I am currently working with two of the NZ-RT members to produce a book on the NZ-RT taskings after the Christchurch Earthquake and need your help.

Background: The NZ-RTs are made up of volunteer members of the community who are trained as qualified responders to support Civil Defence Emergency Groups and their communities during an emergency event. The teams work alongside and assist emergency services and other responding agencies. Find out more about the NZ-RTs here.

This was the first time since the New Zealand Response Teams have been established that all the teams were deployed to help with a major event. Their role in helping with the disaster is a story that we feel needs to be recorded and shared with the general public.

NZ-RT Deployment Christchurch Earthquake

NZ-RT16 being briefed before a building check

We are in the early stages of production and are looking for photographs of the NZ-RTs in action in the first 24 hours after the 22 February 2011 earthquake, as well as in the days that followed.

The photographs need to be of the members performing various tasks, such as building searches, engineering support, vehicle recovery, helping with rescues immediately after the earthquake, or even at rest at Latimer Square or in other places.

The teams were deployed both within the central city, as well as out in the suburbs, so members of the public may have taken photographs, and are welcome to contribute them to the book.

NZ-RT (Response Team) Christchurch Earthquake Deployment

NZ-RTs gather in Latimer Square

There is no national uniform, but NZ-RTs can be recognised as wearing coloured overalls with reflective strips on arms and legs, and helmets (usually orange).

Any image used will be credited to the original photographer (unless they wish to remain anonymous). Please note that as this is a non-profit book (any profits made will be donated to a Canterbury based charity), we are not in a position to provide payment for photographs.

If you are an NZ-RT member (or were during February 2011) and have images to contribute, please contact your Team Leader for more information. We will also be looking for short individual accounts and stories from members at a later date.

If you are a member of the public and believe you have images of New Zealand Response Team Members and wish to supply them for the book, please contact me by phone, mail or online – details listed HERE.

Please note the deadline for contributions is 20 June 2012.



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