CTV Royal Commission Live Feed and Timetable

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Please note:

  • This timetable is subject to change
  • Witnesses are listed in the intended order of appearance
  • Appearance times are added when available
  • Evidence received in other forms (other than witnesses at hearings) is still considered by the Commissioners.  
  • All witnesses are called by Counsel Assisting the Commission unless otherwise stated


Date Time  Nature of Evidence


Week 1

25 - 28 June




Monday 25 June


Opening ceremony, St Teresa's choir and Kapa Haka group


Opening Statement by Counsel Assisting the Commission Stephen Mills QC



Building occupants


Level 1&2: CTV

Level 4: King's Education

Level 5: The Clinic

Level 6:

  • Nilgun Kulpe
  • Liz Cammock
  • Kendyll Mitchell

Level 5:

  • Phillippa Lee

Level 4:

  • Ron Godkin
  • Margaret Aydon

Levels 1-2:

  • Maryanne Jackson (read only statement)


 Tuesday 26 June



Collapse eye witnesses

Note: Where a direction is given, that is the perspective from which the collapse was witnessed

  • Tom Hawker (levels 1-2) (south)
  • Penelope Spencer (levels 1 -2) (south)
  • Michael Williams (south)
  • Stephen Grenfell (south)
  • Matthew Ross (south-east)
  • Euan Gutteridge (south-east)
  • Steve Gill (west)
  • Leonard Fortune (west and western wall)
  • Bruce Campbell (western wall)
  • Arthur Tyndall (western wall) called by Buddle Findlay
  • Alan Edge called by Buddle Findlay


Damage post-September eye witnesses


Level 1&2: CTV

Level 4: King's Education

Level 5: The Clinic

  • David Bainbridge (level 6) (read only statement)
  • Marie-Claire Brehaut, (level 4) (read only statement)
  • Peter Brown (levels 1-2)
  • Malcolm Harris, (levels 1-2) (read only statement)
  • Simon Thomas (levels 1-2) (read only statement)


Wednesday 27 June


Post-collapse witnesses 

  • Graham Frost, USAR
  • Rob Heywood, USAR
  • John Trowsdale, USAR (read-only)

Week 2





2-5 July


Post-earthquake assessments


Week 3 




9-11 July 


Department of Building and Housing technical investigation


12 July 


CTV building design -- evidence from Dr Alan Reay and Alan Reay Consultants Ltd


Week 4




16-17 July 


CTV building design (continued)


18-19 July 


Non-linear time history analysis of the performance of the building


Week 5




23-26 July 


Building design 


26 July 


Building permit 


Week 6




30 July 


Building permit (continued) 


31 July - 1 August 


Code compliance 


2 August 




Week 7 




6-7 August 




8-9 August 


1990-1991 building retrofit  


Week 8 




15-16 August 


Closing submissions 



Counsel Appearing

Counsel Assisting the Commission

Buddle Findlay for Alan Reay Consultants

Related Reports

Results of the Department of Building and Housing's technical investigation into the CTV building


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