EQC creates more than 150 jobs for New Zealanders

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The Earthquake Commission is opening a new claims processing centre in Hamilton, creating more than 150 frontline jobs.

EQC’s National Claims Manager Gail Kettle says the new centre is scheduled to open in late August with more than 150 claims advisors plus additional staff in support and management roles.

The centre on London Street brings back to New Zealand operations that were previously outsourced in Australia.

“By processing in Hamilton, we capture cost savings through better integration with our other operations in New Zealand, and we also get the benefits of local knowledge.”

One of the reasons claims processing had been located offshore was because there would always be a secure facility capable of doing the work, no matter where an event occurred in New Zealand, Ms Kettle says.

“The Canterbury earthquakes have changed this completely because we now have large facilities in Christchurch and Wellington, as well as backup, should one be out of action.

“Over the past two months, we have been closing an average of 162 claims a day, and although we’re making good progress, we’ve still got 350,000 claims to go.

“This new centre will enable us to deliver a more consistent and accurate customer experience, and ensure we continue to make good progress with those claims still to be settled.”

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