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A media briefing with the Minister for Earthquake Recovery, Gerry Brownlee, is being held at 11.30am today, Friday 29 June 2012.

This will cover decisions which have been made relating to Port Hills land, which is currently zoned white.

This announcement will be live streamed on the CERA website for the general public to watch after it is completed: http://cera.govt.nz/

For information about how zoning affects your land claims with EQC see our factsheet: EQC claims settlement after red or green zoning (PDF 1MB) and the information below.


Being rezoned does not push you back in the settlement queue.

EQC has inspected 95% of the properties formerly in the white zone, including most of those properties with a Section 124 notice.

Properties zoned green that have been assessed as having extensive damage (over $50,000) will be given priority for repair by Fletcher EQR.  Under the Canterbury Home Repair Programme, EQC has committed to have all homes over $50,000 repaired by the end of 2013. 

If you are zoned green, you will be contacted by your local Fletcher EQR hub in Woolston, Ferrymead, Lyttelton or Beckenham to arrange a scoping meeting where your home will be reassessed for further damage.

How will my claim be settled?

For overcap $100,000+GST for each claim(s)

You will receive a cash settlement from EQC for the value of your damage up to the $100,000 cap for each claim.

For undercap $100,000+GST cap for each claim(s)

You will be referred to the Canterbury Home Repair Programme managed by Fletcher EQR for repairs.
If your total damage is less than $15,000 and there is no structural damage, EQC will cash settle your claim.

What if my property is zoned green but the Section 124 (S124) notice remains?

The Christchurch City Council will confirm if your property has a S124 notice in place.

Where physically possible, EQC has carried out assessments of S124 properties on the Port Hills, with only a few still to be inspected.

EQC will determine your entitlement based on the physical damage to your property (buildings and land). We will make a settlement based on the damage that has occurred, not on the risk of future damage.

If your damage is under $100,000+GST, Fletcher EQR will not be able to carry out repairs until your S124 notice has been removed by the Council.

Do I need to wait for a land damage report before you can repair my home?

You do not need to wait for a land damage report before repair of your home, unless land repairs (such as damage to retaining wall) are needed to make the house safe to repair. Repairs to your home, including foundations, fall under your building claim.

If foundation repairs are necessary, requirements for that will be determined during the building consent process. Geotechnical assessment may be required in some cases.

I don’t understand about land damage. What am I covered for?

If your house is insured, EQC also insures a defined area of your residential land. EQC will assess the amount of damage to your residential land and provide cover up to the maximum amount specified in the Earthquake Commission Act.

See this section of our site for more information: http://canterbury.eqc.govt.nz/claims/land/land-guide

My retaining walls are damaged. What am I covered for?

EQC pays the value of the wall when it was damaged, allowing for depreciation in value due to age, not the cost of a brand new retaining wall.

Retaining walls that are serving a supporting function do not depreciate to zero, so even a very old wall will retain some value.

Retaining walls that serve a landscaping or decorative function are not covered.

Some insurance companies provide top-up cover for retaining walls, so check your policy.

Claims for insured retaining walls that form the boundary between two (or more) properties will be shared between those properties.

What happens now?
Now you have been zoned red or green, EQC can determine the appropriate path for settling your claim. This could result in:

  • Cash settlement if your damage is over $100,000+GST or under $15,000+GST (if there is no structural damage); or
  • Referral to the Canterbury Home Repair Programme managed by Fletcher EQR.

If you are referred to the Home Repair Programme you will be contacted by your Fletcher EQR hub to arrange a scoping meeting, where your home will be reassessed for further damage.


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