Getting the go ahead for your container or portacom idea

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container coversion.jpgSetting up temporary shops, cafes or bars
Contact the Council early to convert a container or portacom into a shop, cafe or bar.
Resource Consents and Building Policy Manager, Steve McCarthy, says the Council wants to help owners who have ideas for transforming containers or portacoms into commercial premises.
“It’s very exciting to learn what people are planning for these temporary businesses across the city.
We want to work with them on what standards they will reach with the building work on their temporary building, which is through the building consent process.”
Under the Building Act structures such as a container or portacom, which have been converted to house a temporary business, are defined as buildings.
It is also important to think about where the temporary business would be set up, and what type of business it would introduce into an area of the city, says Mr McCarthy.
“If owners want to relocate an existing business that has been displaced by the earthquakes we want to explore with them if they can temporarily relocate on a particular site. If someone is proposing a new business we need to look at what they want and where, and to consider what activities can happen in a particular area in the city. They may be advised that they will need a resource consent as well as a building consent.”
Requesting a pre-application meeting is the best way to find out the answers.
“We’re here to help. Work through your initial ideas with your designer or architect and then come and get our advice.”
For more information or to request a pre-application meeting visit

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