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But what about Christchurch?



Today’s budget has the health and wellbeing of Cantabrians at the forefront. Budget 2012 shows National is 100% committed to rebuilding a strong and vibrant city in Christchurch, and the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Fund continues to help Canterbury communities with boosted operating funding. And $13m for community lead initiatives to support Cantabrians and to assist the vulnerable.


With the total damage bill exceeding $20 billion, the rebuild is the largest, most complex economic project ever seen in NZ. In 2011 we set aside $5.5 billion for the rebuild.  More than $3.4 billion of that Recovery Fund will have been spent by next year with the remainder spent by 2016.


Top priorities are to finalise remaining residential land zoning decisions and settle outstanding insurance claims.



•          Cantabrians have been through more than many of us from other parts of New Zealand can imagine. They deserve certainty about their future and the future of their city.

•          The National-led Government will stand beside the people of Canterbury as we repair and rebuild greater Christchurch.

•          Established a new department to lead the rebuild – the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA).

•          Supported Cantabrians in the aftermath of the quakes with a $200 million wage support and job loss package.

•          Already demolished over 80% of buildings classed as unsafe across the city.

•          EQC has fully repaired over 15,500 homes, and has 35,000 further repairs underway.

•          Made purchase offers to more than 6000 residential red zone homeowners; two-thirds have been accepted.

•          Created 4500 places for construction-related training.

•          Completed $165 million worth of infrastructure repairs, and will complete a further $40 million each

•          month on average.

•          On average 120 to 150 infrastructure worksites in operation, employing about 2500 people.


Rebuild Plan for Canterbury and Christchurch by building type

More details about the Earthquake Rebuildhere




We’re doing what it takes to keep up the momentum for Canterbury’s recovery.

We are now progressing major permanent infrastructure projects, which is the biggest component of the Government’s investment in Canterbury.


The CBD blueprint plan to rebuild a world-class city is underway and due on the 27 July, it will take into account the ideas and suggestions of Cantabrians and the needs of central and local government.




•          $114.9 million for CERA, to oversee the reconstruction of Canterbury.

•          $13 million for NGO-led initiatives to support Cantabrians and assist with the recovery.


Everyone in Canterbury is keen to move on, we want to see our residents in jobs and settled in good housing, our communities rebuilt and our businesses growing. This budget and the government’s commitment to $13billion of the rebuild costs will make it happen.


For more details on the budget, visit our

or click here.


Best regards

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Nicky Wagner MP for Christchurch Central

Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160


DDI: +64 4 817 6633

Fax: +64 4 473 0469

103 Salisbury Street



DDI: +64 3 365 8297

Fax: +64 3 365 8292


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